Lil Scrappy Says His New Girlfriend Bambi is Better Than Erica Dixon

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Scrappy and Basketball Wives personality Bambi dating? Lil Scrappy and Bambi have confirmed they are dating and we’re assuming the timing couldn’t be better considering season two of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” ended on the end of Scrappy and Erica Dixon. If you’ve been watching the show, than we’re sure you know how on and off the couple has been, but now it appears their latest breakup might be the real thing since both are dating new people.

As we reported recently, Erica is now dating up and coming model O’Shea. Erica set the record straight on her current relationship, and shut down rumors that her new boo is gay. And Erica also says she feels like the relationship she has now with O’Shea is real and she credits the fact that both pray together and she’s been able to help him get through a traumatic time as he recently got hit by a car.

Scrappy has taken a slightly different route, as he is currently dating yet another reality star, and he’s been spending quite a bit of time getting cozy with Bambi from “Basketball Wives LA.” The rapper and reality star made it clear on Twitter that one of his biggest issues with Erica is that he felt like being in the spotlight may have pumped her ego and he also feels like she wasn’t supportive of him enough.

Welp, looks like Lil Scrappy is finding plenty of support from Bambi as he took to his Instagram account to suggest his boo is better than his old one. He posted the following picture and writes in the caption:

lil scrappy and bambi basketball wives


Yep ride for me an respect b better then the last one didn’t an y’all want me to b wit some body that disrespect me an act diff on camera u got me f*cked up imma do me tv watchin a*s niccas an imma do me


  1. I can’t even take this seriously. Scrappy is too slow to see Bambi is only around because she needs a VH1 paycheck.

  2. Yall this reminds me of when one of your exes tries real hard to make you jealous of the new chick so they post all those photos on FB of them being caked up with her, and you laugh because she’s got a butter face. LOL.

  3. Scrappy please Bambi just in the hot tub with Benzino 5 minutes ago doing God knows what. And now he talking about Bambi more loyal then Erica after being together for 2 seconds. Scrappy is as BASIC as they come.

  4. This is what annoys me about Scrappy. He’s talking like Erica didn’t have his back all those years. He needs to grow up.

  5. I didn’t like Erica. She was cold, unsupportive & difficult. She got on my fk’ing nerves. I dont know anything about Bambi to comment on her but I’m glad he aint with ERICA anymore.

    1. wait a min i know i’m late but Erica and Rasheeda was the realest ones on the show and Bambi is the reason why Kirk and Rasheeda was having there problems she is a hoe in a cover up and she was on Basketball Wives and she was a major THOT

  6. It’s bigger than looks yall. Erica was a b-tch. I can’t stand her. She talked to momma dee like a dog too. I hated that!

  7. I think I can predict season three…ok Erica and Scrappy are going to have their new boos on the show. But by mid season they are going to want to get back together. They will dump the new boos and then the new boos will hook up by the reunion show. So predictable. LOL.

  8. Omg!!!! Bambi is an alleybat!!!! Wasn’t she just in an STD infested hot tub with Kirk and Benzino??? Scrappy really is slow as molasses. He cheated on Erica with Shay’s pet moose lookin a-s and he expects to be respected? GTFOH!!!!

  9. I don’t know much about Bambi, but I have a feeling she’s only with Scrappy to get on that show. Scrappy should question it because she was just in the hot tub with Benzino. She’s been trying to weasel her way on that show for a while now. He needs to wake up.

    1. Maybe one day he will speak proper English. One can only hope. I usually have to read what he wrote multiple times to try and understand. Even then, it doesn’t make sense.

  10. Scrappy insists on being a b-tch made mama’s boy. It’s gross how he expects a woman to stay with him regardless of his f-ck sh-t. I’ve never seen him take responsibility for his actions EVER, but he thinks it’s cool for him to downgrade the mother of his child in every way. Real G’s don’t conduct themselves in this manner. And WHO in the f-ck is Bambi anyway. Foh.

  11. Bambi is the reason why Kirk and Rasheeda is having there problems she want to go around and act like a little thot. Rasheeda and Erica was the realest ones on the show and they didn’t and still don’t care who feelings they hurt now that’s what you call and real Boss

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