Young Money Records President Accused of Assaulting Female on Tour Bus

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Young Money president Mack Maine accused of groping female and punching her friend in the face on Lil Wayne’s tour bus? The “America’s Most Wanted” tour has been accompanied by some pretty serious events. T.I. reportedly pulled a knife on someone in the club and 2 Chainz got arrested by police after his tour bus was searched over suspicion of drug use by the passengers on board. Young Money president Mack Maine has now found himself caught up in a situation surrounding the tour as he is being accused of groping a female and injuring another on Lil Wayne’s tour bus. TMZ was told by officials that Mack Maine will most likely be charged with sexual battery and assault as he allegedly groped a female and allegedly punched one of her friend’s in the face on Lil Wayne’s tour bus last week. Mack Maine was accused of extending an invitation to the alleged victims to come aboard Lil Wayne’s tour bus after a concert in Oklahoma City last week. One of the female victims claims Mack Maine put his hand in her shirt and squeezed her breast without her permission.

After the alleged groping took place, the woman claims she and her friend tried to make their way off the bus but were faced with an upset Mack Maine. Mack supposedly blocked the door so they couldn’t get off the bus and punched the woman’s friend in the face so hard it left her with a broken jaw. The district attorney tells the website they are unsure about when charges will actually be filed against Mack Maine but says it will probably happen very soon.

After hearing the reports going around about him, Mack Maine took to his Twitter account to offer a response to what is being said about the alleged incident:

young money president mack maine sexual battery assault broken jaw


  1. She could be lying but I wouldn’t be shocked if she was telling the truth. A lot of these rappers and industry people don’t respect women anyway.

  2. I wouldn’t put it past Mack Maine, but TMZ can be awfully shady at times…It’s hard to tell right now lol

  3. I don’t understand why these women act like groupies and then get upset when they get treated like groupies. WTF are you going on a tour bus?! What did you think they invited you there for… to talk?! Hell no!

      1. Never blame the victim? Is that a new rule?

        Question, would you have gotten on that bus if you were invited?

  4. Would ANY of you ladies in this thread have gotten on that bus if you were invited?

    If your answer is no could you please state why your answer is no?

    If you have/had a daughter and she called you saying that she was going to be late coming home because she got invited back to a tour bus what would you tell her over the phone?

    1. I would’ve gotten on that tour bus!!! You know what’s sad is that girls act like hoes and expect to be treated like a woman. No. If you act like a hoe you get treated like a hoe.
      As a woman rap music doesnt offend me. They are not calling women hoes they are telling the hoes they are hoes! This was not a ‘woman’ this was a groupie. She acted like a hoe so she could get on the tour bus, she was treated like a hoe, and now she is trying to get money and attention cause she’s a hoe!!

    2. First of all i would have never got on that tour bus.You cannot expect to get on a tour bus with a bunch of men (prolly high and horny) and you being the only female or females,and think none or one of those guys arent goin to try to test the waters.Women should always be careful how to present themselves around a man. If you know you not trying to get down like that then you shouldnt lead em on.I also feel that it was wrong for mack maine assault the two women.He may have been pissed but he shouldnt have hit the girl in her face.Its nothin like hittn another male thats a female.

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