Young Money Records President Turns Himself in for Allegedly Assaulting Woman

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mack Maine should be basking in the success of the label he’s currently the head of, but even though Young Money Records has a roster which contains some of the biggest stars in Hip Hop, the record label’s president has found himself in the middle of controversy and he’s landed himself some real legal troubles. As we reported recently, Mack Maine has been accused of assaulting a woman on a tour bus during the “America’s Most Wanted Tour,” and the woman who claims she was assaulted says he actually broke her jaw. According to the police report filed, a woman claims Mack Maine put his hand down her shirt and grabbed her breast not too long after she and a friend made their way on the tour bus. And allegedly when she and her friend decided to leave the bus because they didn’t like where things were headed, they say one of the women turned around and was struck in the jaw by Mack Maine, breaking her jaw as a result.

Today Mack Maine turned himself into jail and TMZ is reporting he was booked in Oklahoma City for aggravated assault and battery with great bodily injury. His bond was set for $9000.

As we reported recently, Mack Maine took to his Twitter account to slam the accusations and he told his supporters not to “believe the hype.”

The “America’s Most Wanted” tour stop in Oklahoma City wasn’t just a dramatic one for Mack Maine, rapper 2 Chainz was also arrested after cops claimed they found drugs and guns on the vehicle. 2 Chainz also took to his Twitter account to deny the accusations.


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