Coney Island Says Woman Who Claims Beyonce Had Her Stuck on Ride is Lying

Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr
Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce hasn’t given fans or the media much information on the current status on her fifth studio album, but the superstar hasn’t had any troubles selling out a world tour with no new music. Although her spokesperson only confirmed that the singer’s album was not scrapped and she is still recording music, there’s been no mention of any official dates for the release of the first single. However, Beyonce was photographed shooting a music video in Coney Island the other day and while it’s not clear which song she was shooting a video for, what is clear is there’s some controversy surrounding the video shoot.

According to the New York Post, a woman is angry with Beyonce because she claims the singer’s presence at the park caused her to get stuck on the park’s ferris wheel, The Wonder Wheel. The woman told the publication she was left on the ride way too long, 150 feet in the air while Beyonce was down below getting her makeup retouched. She says she had to scream for her life before the ride started back up again, and she’s furious she had to dangle in the air just because the park wanted to accommodate Beyonce and her entourage. She is demanding an apology from the singer because she says she was scared for her life and she was tortured due to her fear of heights.

Looks like that apology may not happen because the operator of the Wonder Wheel is saying Beyonce is not responsible for the ride being stalled and he woman isn’t being truthful about being stuck in the air for 30 minutes. The park says she was actually stalled for three extra minutes. The official statement released by the park reads:

Another exciting day in Coney Island, as Beyonce visited and rode Deno’s Wonder Wheel. The paparazzi and media excitement which follows celebrity caused a slight delay while the amusement park ride operators secured the entrance and exit areas. Normal wait times for guests on the Wonder Wheel is 5 minutes, and due to the extra press following Beyonce, the wait time extended to 8 minutes. The Park operators and owners apologize for the extra 3 minute delay for those riding the Wonder Wheel, while the entrance area was being secured of cameras and photographers who might interrupt the safe operation of the ride. Rider safety and providing safe family friendly entertainment is the hallmark and cornerstone of Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park. Preliminary reports of a 30 minute delay are 100% inaccurate, as Park security reviewed the in-Park security camera videotape. There is magic enough in Coney Island, for all, See you on the rides.

In related news, Beyonce was the headline act for the first day of her hubby Jay Z and Budweiser’s Made in America Festival last night in Philly. Check out a clip of her performance below:


  1. The woman was just looking for attention at the expense of Bey but now she looking like a fool try again boo boo lol! Look at Bey showing up and showing out as usual at MIA festival what other female in the game dances in stilettos and singes live and sounds great. Y’all can have that simple crotch gab and singing off key. Ha!

  2. Ok so tell that attention whore to have several seats. She must be one of Keri Hilson or Keyshia Coleslaw’s relatives.

    And she WERKED that stage as usual. Keep hating!

  3. I figured she was lying. But honestly, if even if that did happen it sounds like to me she should blame the park not Bey.

  4. The park needed to say something because it was a bad look for them. Now that it’s cleared up, I hope people will stop making up stories about Bey. The hate people have for her is unreal.

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