Gospel Group Mary Mary Gets Sued by Former Manager

Photo Credit: Mary Mary
Photo Credit: Mary Mary

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Extremely successful Gospel group Mary Mary has already made it clear on numerous occasions that they don’t want to be the typical traditional Gospel singers. So when it comes to their music, they try their hardest to make the kind of music that will reach younger listeners. And so far, that strategy has worked well for the two sisters Erica and Tina Campbell, as they continue to be one of the hottest gospel acts in the industry. The sisters not only make hits, but they also have a successful reality show on WE tv, and in their recent interviews they claim they wanted to do the show in order to give their fans a glimpse into who they really are. Interestingly enough, the sisters are now finding themselves the target of a lawsuit from their former manager who claims he’s the reason they even got the reality show and other successful projects in the first place.

According to TMZ, their former manager Mitchell Solarek of Maximum Artist Group filed a federal lawsuit against the ladies and says he is the one that reignited their career. He claims he secured deals over $3 million including their WE tv reality show.

He claims the drama started after he was fired on their reality show in front of the cameras, and he’s also claiming Mary Mary is withholding over $75,000 in commissions from him. He’s suing for not only the over $75,000 in commissions, but he’s also demanding to be compensated for the loss of future commissions from music, books, sponsorships and merchandising.

No one from Mary Mary’s camp has released a statement on the suit as of yet.


  1. He says he “reignited” their career? They never needed to be “reignited.” They have been on top since their first single. #shrugs

  2. Is Tina’s husband still cheating? I love these ladies. I hope they work out all this mess. They make some great music that has gotten me through some very hard times.

  3. I watched the first season of that show and he seem to be a good manager they gave him a hard time especially Tina and that sister googoo I can’t stand her and her stank attitude. If he did come up with Wetv deal they owe him some money. Marymary was known but that reality show really boosted their celebrity.

  4. In my opinion, they were already one of the biggest names in gospel, the reality show really brought out a lot of things people may not have ever guessed, like Tina’s cheating husband. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that he was a real sneaky one and just by the way she always acted about having to get home to be with her husband, and spend time with her husband, and yadda yadda. It was obvious they had issues just by watching them together.

  5. Forgive as you have been forgiven whether you divorce or not but he’s worth forgiving if he’s man enough to humble himself to confess it to break the power that behavior had over his life because he loves you. I love you Tina and I don’t follow the famous but the Marys are something special. That was brave of you to share it in the open considering how cruel people are. Remember”Survive”. Christ agonized in the same way but He finished it because He loves you. Forgive and move on or save your marriage,and I hope you save your marriage, love is a hard thing to find and godly love of a man is almost extinct. He did the godly thing at the risk of divorce, but the Word, the Way and the Truth is his life that’s why he couldn’t continue in sin

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