Lupe Fiasco Accused of Hiding Money for Dope Dealer, But Apparently This is Old News

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lupe Fiasco is known for his passion for the community and on numerous occasions the rapper has spoken out about stopping the violence amongst the youth in Chicago. As hard as Lupe preaches about “non violence,” for most it’s pretty shocking that he has been tied to a former Chicago drug kingpin. TMZ is reporting that the kingpin, Charles Patton’s, estranged wife is accusing the rapper of hiding millions of dollars from her on behalf of her husband. She’s claiming Lupe is hiding the money so he can have the upper-hand in their impending divorce and she’s filed a lawsuit against Lupe because of it.

According to the suit, Patton’s estranged wife says Lupe has hidden more than $9 million in various bank accounts to allegedly hide the money from her. She’s suing to get what she says is money that is rightfully hers.

Patton is currently serving a 44-year prison sentence for running a heroin enterprise and although Lupe’s lawyers told the site the accusations are baseless and will be proven false at the upcoming trial, it appears this isn’t the first time Lupe has been accused of looking out for the former kingpin.

Way back in 2007, a blogger from XXL called Lupe out over his association to Charles Patton and the blogger claimed Lupe was Patton’s former partner in his heroin empire and almost ended up in jail for it. In the end, Lupe was able to escape prosecution but had to testify during Patton’s trial, but police got their hands on recorded conversations in which Patton was heard making train reservations for him and Lupe on the same day of one of his drug deals. Police also had another recording of Lupe himself talking to Patton about splitting up “whole yellow” and “whole red” ones – talk that most associate with drug lingo. Lupe testified and said he was actually talking about the mixing of music tracks and he flat-out denied he had any involvement in drug dealing. In fact, he said he only rapped about it in songs for image reason, but had nothing to do with Patton’s dope business. Ironically, Patton is reportedly the one who funded Lupe’s music career and executively produced his first two albums.

Lupe was not prosecuted, but his associate Charles Patton was sentenced to 44 years for drug conspiracy charges and for years, those that know about the trial have questioned just how Lupe was able to get off scott free when there’s audio that strongly suggests he was directly involved in Patton’s street business. Interestingly enough, the XXL blogger hinted in 2007 that he believed Lupe was able to get Patton to agree to take the sentence if he looked out for him and kept his money safe. Apparently, Paton’s wife agrees, hence her filing the lawsuit.

Lupe will head to trial to fight the suit and his camp says Patton’s estranged wife’s claims are without merit.


  1. You don’t say. And didn’t this stunt queen just give up on black folks via Twitter like a month ago because we’re a lost cause? You know how the old saying goes. When you point one finger…

  2. I always thought it was strange that he would call a known Chicago drug dealer his mentor. I knew he was fake after that. Then he has the nerve to turn his nose up on black folks. Chile…

  3. How are you going to talk down to thugs when you used to be one? Lupe gets on my last nerve with his fake self righteousness.

  4. My whole thing is the wife is asking for money that was made by drugs. She’s not getting that money. It’s going straight to the feds if they find it.

  5. Nothing surprises me anymore. All I know is Lupe is annoying as hell and he whines too much on Twitter. But it’s always the people that want you to think they have it together that don’t.

  6. Patton’s future ex-wife must know something is true if he is going after Lupe’s cash. Ain’t no way around this one Jack.

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