Is T.I. & Tiny’s Marriage on the Rocks? Source Speaks

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

T.I. and his wife Tiny have managed to make a hit VH1 reality show with their relationship and tight-knit family life, but despite the impressive ratings the show brings to the network, the couple’s union continues to be a target of gossip and criticism. For one, Tiny Harris’ looks seem to be a favorite target for the couple’s critics and it’s caused both T.I. and Tiny to snap on their social media accounts. But regardless of how people feel about Tiny’s looks, T.I. has made it clear on numerous occasions that he loves his wife and his family is the most important thing to him. Interestingly enough, blogs are now reporting that the couple’s marriage may be on the rocks because of the rapper’s latest Instagram post.

T.I. posted a “throwback” photo of his parents in happier days the other day. According to the rapper, things didn’t work out with his parents, but he says he wishes his dad was still around today so he could talk to him about some things and get answers. He posted the following photo and writes the following caption:

ti parents

My Mama & Daddy back before da struggles of parenthood,relationships,& everyday life tore them apart. Damn dey look happy. Wonder what went wrong? Heh who knows? But da least I owe then both is to learn from them & never live life unhappily. I miss Pops…if he was here I got a gang of sh*t I’d ask him. But f*ck it….I’ll figure it out. Somehow. #hustlegangovererrrthang


Many took the photo and caption to mean T.I. is hinting that his marriage to Tiny is currently on the rocks, but a source close to the couple exclusively tells URBAN BELLE people are “reading too much into things.” The source says:

“People take Instagram way too seriously. T.I. and Tiny are happy. They are best friends and their family means everything to them. They have been through it all and they will never split up. T.I. was just trying to share with his fans how much he misses his dad. The recent passing of Tiny’s dad has also been tough for them but they continue to support each other. They are in love and everything is good.”


There you have it.

In related news, T.I. has a reason to celebrate considering his latest album “Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head” just went gold. Congrats to T.I.


  1. They are like the hood version of Jada and Will. They will never break up, even if they go through a miserable period. But hey, that’s what that whole “through thick and thin” thing means…

  2. People keep saying they have an open marriage. If that’s true, then I can’t see why they would break up. *sarcasm*

  3. T.I. seems like he’s too controlling of Tiny. I also think he cheats on her too. She’s not attractive so just maybe she tolerates it because she thinks she’s lucky she got him in the first place.

    1. Dang that was really mean!! In T.I eyes she is BEAUTIFUL. That’s what’s so wrong with ppl in this world, always downing one another! As long as they are happy so be it!!!

  4. So if you sell your property (Will & Jada) you are getting a divorce and if you post pictures of your parents online and caption it your marriage is on the rocks?

  5. I’m from ATL and everyone knows these two will never break up. They have been through so much and TIP knows Tiny had his back when he was nothing. He was just trying to get on and she loved him. He’s loyal to her too and he will never leave her. They are not perfect (who is?) but they really do love each other. Every time I hear the rumors of them breaking up I know it will never be true. The man even adopted her daughter. They ain’t splitting up. Ever.

  6. I’m not married but I can imagine it’s not always easy. This generation is so fickle minded that they think if married people fight, they are getting a divorce. It’s not supposed to be that way. You’re actually supposed to work through your problems. I’m sure TI and Tiny are fine.

  7. I read it and just took away he misses his dad and vows to never end up like his parents did. It’s crazy how sometimes we take something positive and turn it into something negative.

  8. Tiny is a keeper. You don’t keep a woman because of her looks. You keep a woman because of everything else.

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