Chris Brown’s Album Gets Pushed Back for the Third Time

Photo Credit: Facebook/NBC/The Today Show
Photo Credit: Facebook/NBC/The Today Show

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown album X pushed back, again? Chris Brown hasn’t had a smooth time in the spotlight ever since the whole world found out he assaulted his then girlfriend and equally as famous girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 on the night of the Grammys. Chris has apologized on numerous occasions for hurting Rihanna, but his continued string of legal troubles has made many of his critics suggest he hasn’t managed to rid himself of his anger issues. Chris recently escaped jail time yet again after he was charged with a hit and run, but in the end he would be forced to redo 1000 of his community service hours. Chris took to his Twitter account recently to make it known that he was furious with the prosecutors for forcing him to redo a huge chunk of his community service hours and he even made it clear that he’s tired of people bringing up the incident that took place with Rihanna.

Chris is trying to focus on his music career these days and he might have proven that during a rather awkward interview with “The Today Show” as he dodged interview questions that weren’t about his music. But now a new report from Billboard is claiming that Chris’ upcoming album “X” has been pushed back yet again. The album was slated for a September release after being pushed back from the previous release date in August and before that it was originally set to drop in July. As of now, RCA has decided to push the release date back to some unspecified date in November.

It’s no official word as of yet on why the album has been pushed back again and Chris hasn’t spoken on the new release date just yet.


  1. They know he’s going to flop so they want to drop the album when it’s less competition. It won’t help though.

  2. I don’t understand why they keep pushing it back. They should have dropped it while Fine China was doing well. These labels act like they want their artists to fail. Smh.

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