Beyonce’s Ex-Boyfriend Says He Regrets Cheating on Her, Feels Stupid

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce ex boyfriend speaks out? Beyonce is without a doubt one of music’s biggest stars, but the Houston native will quickly tell anybody it didn’t happen overnight. Beyonce has been performing since she was a little girl, and her father Mathew Knowles’ eventual decision to quit his job as a sales professional to manage Beyonce’s career paid off big. But Beyonce’s successful career is also complimented by her personal life. Not only is Beyonce super successful and sitting on top of a multimillion dollar empire, but so is her spouse Jay Z. As a result of how successful these two are and continue to be, it’s no surprise they are viewed as one of the top power couples in the business. Interestingly enough, Beyonce’s childhood love is hating himself plenty these days as he said it’s his fault he lost out on Beyonce. According to Lyndall Locke, Beyonce was madly in love with him before she became a superstar, but she broke up with him after she learned he was cheating on her. Locke tells the Sun:

“Beyoncé was the love of my life and I was hers, so losing her is still my biggest regret. She would say to me all the time, ‘I’m afraid to ever live my life without you Lyndall, I want you to be mine forever”.

“I’ll be honest — it was me that messed everything up and lost her for ever to Jay Z, but I deserved it.

“Who cheats on a woman as beautiful as Beyoncé? Well, I am that man and it’s something that’ll always haunt me.”


The former couple dated for nine years and Lyndall claims Beyonce refused to sleep with him and was committed to waiting until marriage:

“It was hard as the chemistry between us was electric, but I respected Beyoncé and knew it was important for her to wait. So we focused on talking about when we would get married. We agreed on a beach. We couldn’t wait to start a family.”


Locke says things took a turn when Destiny’s Child began to blow up and he was resentful because his own rap career did not. He says this is what led to him cheating and he knew he would never get Beyonce back after she started dating Jay Z.


  1. I don’t feel sorry for this loser. He only feels bad for being a dog because Beyonce ended up becoming well…Beyonce. If she was just some regular female he would give no f-cks right now.

  2. Guys like this only regret treating you bad when they see you happy with someone else. I don’t feel bad for him and I’m happy Beyonce moved on. She did much better in the end.

  3. He just wants his 15 minutes. He needs to have a whole stadium of seats. First rule in life is to treat people how you want to be treated because you never know what that person might become later in life.

  4. Who cares? You live and you learn. His life must be pretty lonely if he’s still hung up on this. She found her happiness, he should probably go look for his and leave the past where it is…

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