Rihanna Pushes a Fan for Asking for a Picture While She Was Drunk?

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna is known for her bad girl ways and it’s one of the reasons the pop star has so many fans whom she affectionately refers to as “The Navy.” When Rihanna isn’t cranking out hit singles, breaking records on Facebook and YouTube, and selling out MAC lipstick in three hours; she’s also showing her critics that she can care less about their opinions. Since Rihanna is achieving such massive success, some of Rihanna’s critics feel Rihanna should do more to be a true role model to young girls. Rihanna does not agree with their opinion, and recently ranted on Instagram about why she has no desire to ever be a role model to anyone.

Rihanna may have lots of fans who are dedicated enough to do whatever it takes to keep their fave on top, but sometimes she ends up disappointing them too. As we reported recently, Rihanna had a very controversial encounter with one of her own fans during her Diamonds tour when she abruptly hit the fan upside the head with a microphone after the fan grabbed her and refused to let go.

Interestingly enough, the New York Daily News is now reporting that Rihanna may have gotten physical with one of her fans again. According to the publication, Rihanna attended a party for Alexander Wang over the weekend for the Fashion Week festivities. It’s being claimed Rihanna pushed one of her own fans after turning down a request for a photo. She allegedly turned down the fan because she felt she was too drunk for pictures. The fan says Rihanna said the following after rejecting the request:

“I am just chilling, I am too f*cked up and drunk, no pictures.”


Rihanna’s camp hasn’t responded to the report as of yet.

In related news, the New York Post is reporting Rihanna spent more time with ASAP Rocky over the weekend. Allegedly the singer was spotted with ASAP at the Alexander Wang party, and both had security keep fans away and onlookers from snapping pictures. A source tells the publication:

“Rihanna went right to him. They were talking really close. Bodyguards were stationed all around them so that no one could get pictures.”


As we reported recently, it’s being rumored that a romance is budding between the two artists, despite ASAP being in a serious relationship with supermodel Chanel Iman.


  1. So let’s see how Rihanna’s stans defend this. We all know they will try their hardest. *sits back and waits*

  2. Nothing she does surprises me anymore. She lacks humility and truly feels she’s invincible. I blame her fans. I mean they sit on here and defend all the nasty things she does like their lives depend on it, so why should she care?

  3. SMDH. All I know is if she ever slapped me, I’d beat the snot out of her. She reminds me of those “mean girls” in high school that had all the stupid girls wanting to be them but when no one is looking, they are miserable as hell.

    1. There’s not much to hate on. All Rihanna has is money and fame…and yet she’s still miserable. She’s not fooling most of us on here.

    2. I would honestly like you to defend your definiton of the word “hater”. It seems to me like if we don’t agree with the navy and worship her you automatically define that as hating. These women are presenting valid reasons fo why they do not care for rihanna. It sounds like this is your first line of defense because you have no actual defense for her trashy actions, hence the women in this blog are correct about her…

  4. This girl really has some growing up to do. She still refuses to keep her hands to herself but wanted all that sympathy after the Chris thing. I’m over her and her fans. They cosign too much ratchet behavior for me.

    1. It’s easy to have courage to hit strangers when you have 350 lb body guards protecting you. Not to poke fun at her previous situation, but she was alone when she hit Chris and look what happened. You can’t go around just hitting people because you feel like it.

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