Tiny Says She’s Not a Gold Digger, Had Money Before T.I.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Tiny talks about T.I. and reminds people she had fame and money before they met? Tiny and T.I.’s relationship has always appeared to be a very authentic one as the singer and rapper started dating around the same time Tip was pushing towards becoming a notable mainstream artist. While they both have seen much success throughout their separate music careers, the married couple decided to take their family consisting of six children to the small screen with the reality TV show “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.” The show became an instant hit among viewers as many fell in love with Tip and Tiny’s children and enjoy seeing T.I. step away from his rap image and interact with his kids in a family-oriented setting. As Tiny and T.I.’s show continues to remain a viewer favorite on VH1, they have had to put a few critics in their places and fight off rumors on a couple of occasions. And the recent gossip floating around about the status of T.I. and Tiny’s marriage suggests that the couple is having some problems in their relationship.

The talk of T.I. and Tiny’s marriage being on the rocks was ignited after T.I. posted an old photo of his parents on his Instagram account and mentioned in the caption that things didn’t work out between them. A source close to the couple informed us that people are reading way too much into the photo and things are still going well between T.I. and Tiny. As their marriage is still going strong, so is T.I.’s career as he continues to take on various business ventures and crank out albums. However, people tend to forget the success Tiny saw as a former member of successful 90’s girl group Xscape and think she is winning now because she is married to Tip.

One of Tiny’s followers on Twitter tweeted her and said she should be very thankful she is with T.I. because he’s a rich and famous rapper. Tiny quickly reminded the follower that she had her own money and fame long before she became Mrs. Harris:

tiny talks about t.i. fame and money before marriage


  1. Out of all the women that people can call gold diggers they chose to call Tiny from Xscape that was famous way before T.I. was even thought about. FAIL!

  2. People act like Tiny is lucky to have T.I. because she’s not attractive. It’s not always about looks. People need to stop.

  3. Tell’ em Girl..I love Tiny, and tired of hearing people making negative comments about the way she looks..I can almost guarantee all the people who are hating on her are just jealous cuz they could never get a man as sexy as hers.

  4. Tell em Tiny!!! Xscape First Hit The Scene In ’93 w/ “Just Kickin It” a time when T.I was probably still doing demos in somebody’s basement. I personally would love to see Xscape reunite. However the drama between sisters Latocha/Tameka and Kandi is too much. There stories are not adding up. They all need to sit down as a group and seriously hash out there differences. All of the 90’s female r&b groups are returning, SWV has a reality show coming out on WE TV in February that I here is damn good, TLC’s biopic is coming on VH1 next month. Xscape need to get it together. Save R&B!

    P.S I heard that T.I forbids Tiny from recording music.

  5. Honestly, I don’t know why people hate on Tiny so hard. It must really hurt her feelings. She is not as unattractive as everyone makes her out to be. I just think she does way too much with her hair and her make up. If she took that eyebrow piercing out, toned down her hair color and get a new make up artist. She would be ok.

  6. Well… if you think that life just started in 1991 then you’re probably going to be clueless in general.

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