Tasha Marbury Calls out Evelyn Lozada for Profiting from Husband’s Affair

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tasha Marbury and Evelyn Lozada beefing? Season five of “Basketball Wives” debuted in late August, but it’s pretty clear that most of the drama is taking place away from the cameras. As we recently reported, Tami Roman has revealed she has quit the show and won’t return for another season; and Evelyn Lozada’s former husband Chad Johnson recently revealed that not only does he regret the marriage but he also claimed Evelyn was the one who head butted him and he was just going along with the story to save her image. Regardless, not even the show’s off camera drama can save it’s tanking ratings, and with VH1 possibly adding on more spinoffs to the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise, it’s possible “Basketball Wives” could be on its way out and the network is just preparing for its end. In the meantime, newbie Tasha Marbury is finding out first hand that the women on the show can be pretty shady, a fact Tami pointed out in a very angry video blog.

Tasha Marbury joined the cast easily considering she’s actually married to former NBA player Stephon Marbury and she’s actually friends with both Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn Lozada. But Tasha tells VH1 she’s not too happy with Evelyn because Evelyn wrote about the affair Stephon had with a chef (that resulted in the chef getting paid off to go away) and she’s not pleased her “friend” would make money from her pain. She says:

“I was a little taken aback by it. I thought, as friends you would tell your friends if you were writing a book and that you were gonna put a portion of their life in a book…I think it was kinda wrong for her to do that.”


Evelyn has been writing a series of books entitled “Inner Circle” in which she tells loosely the tales of women who are dating and married to professional athletes. Apparently, she didn’t feel the need to run by her own friend Tasha about if it was okay to write about the incident in one of her books.


  1. Evelyn is no one’s friend. Self comes first. She will stab anyone in the back to gain. I thought everyone was clear on that.

  2. But didn’t Tasha make jokes about Chad headbutting Evelyn? I could have swore she did on that preview. Doesn’t seem like they are real “friends” to me.

  3. Why are u surprised? Evelyn is a dirty b-tch. She tries to play all sides n gets mad if someone talks behind her back just like shady a-s Tami. All those hoes are disgusting.

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