Fashion Beef: Dwyane Wade’s Stylist Says Russell Westbrook Stole D Wade’s Style

Photo Credit: Facebook/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Facebook/Urban Belle

By:  Amanda Anderson-Niles

A Dwyane Wade and Russell Westbrook beef in the works? When it comes to men’s fashion, it doesn’t take long for the subject to become a controversial one. It’s clear now more than ever that a lot of men are stepping outside the box when it comes to their style, and most of them are taking cues from male celebrities who have no qualms taking big fashion risks that invoke lots of criticism. In the music world, rapper Kanye West has made a name for himself when it comes to unique fashion sense, and Kanye is so comfortable with taking risks that it’s not unheard of for him to wear a kilt on stage. Kanye has even developed his own fashion line and presented his garments at New York Fashion Week. So it’s not a stretch to say the rapper has single-handedly motivated his peers in Hip Hop to explore all that fashion has to offer.

In the sports world, it’s probably fair to call Dwyane Wade the “Kanye” of sports considering the Miami Heat star continuously takes bold risks in fashion that make just as many headlines as his performance on the court. Although his teammates (LeBron James notably) like to crack jokes on some of his fashion choices, he has influenced LeBron and others to take more chances with their garments. Russell Westbrook is also quickly making a name for himself in the NBA for controversial fashion choices (although sometimes it gets him clowned on Twitter) and interestingly enough, Dwyane Wade’s own stylist just put him on blast about it on his Instagram account.

According to Dwyane Wade’s stylist Calyann Barnett, Russell Westbrook needs to pay homage to D Wade for his fashion choices as of late. She took to her Instagram account to throw some shade and writes in the following caption:

dwyane wade fashion beef


PSA: Newbies please remember who paved the way for fashion in basketball… @dwyanewade #Diditfirst #GetOutOfOurGoodwillBag


Neither Russell Westbrook or Dwyane Wade have commented on the Instagram shade as of yet.


  1. But who did Dwayne Wade steal his questionable taste in fashion from? Everyone is inspired some kind of way by someone else. Get over yourself lady.

  2. She’s entitled to her own opinion, but why drag them both into it? If a beef does get started it’s her fault. Messy females are so annoying.

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