Scary: Beyonce Gets Pulled off Stage by Fan During Performance

Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr
Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce is one of the biggest entertainers in the world, and her loyal fan base simply known as “The Beyhive” have the reputation as being some of the most dedicated and ruthless fans of any celebrity. In fact, Beyonce’s fans are known for going after anyone who disrespected their Queen Bey, and they can get so vicious on social media that they even caused Keri Hilson to have some sort of breakdown on Twitter several months ago. But when they aren’t going after other artists who have thrown shade to their favorite, they are showing up to Beyonce’s concerts and showing their love for her at the most extreme of levels.

As we reported recently, Beyonce maintained a high level of professionalism when one of her male fans slapped her booty during one of her recent concerts. While she was performing “Irreplaceable,” the fan decided it was the appropriate time to violate the singer since he was close enough to touch her in the first row. Beyonce kindly let him know she would have him escorted out of the show if he did it again and quickly got right back into the song. So we can’t say we’re surprised she remained professional after one of her own fans actually pulled her off stage during her show in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The shirtless male fan, who was clearly overzealous, put his arms around the singer and pulled her right off the stage. The intent was to give her a hug and Bey’s security guards quickly got her back on the stage and she resumed singing “Irreplaceable.”

Beyonce didn’t seem to let the incident bother her very much and she quickly told the rest of the Beyhive who began to get riled up and attempted to go after the fan that it was alright and she’s fine. She later asked the fan his name and told him she loved him too.

Check out the video below:


  1. She knows she was scared as hell! She doesn’t love her fans like she claims. She doesn’t even respond to them on Instagram!

    1. Baby, your fave would have punched the fan in the face. She pushed one of you for asking for a picture and then hit another one of you upside the head with a microphone for grabbing her. She does NOT love y’all. Hell she won’t even put on a decent show for you. Instagram replying is easy, what Beyonce does is harder (being a great performer). And btw, should you really put so much value in her writing yall back on Instagram when she even writes back her on haters on Instagram? LOL.

      1. Co-sign every damn thing you said. No matter what these dumb a-s stans say Rihanna really doesn’t appreciate her fans. Point blank period.

      2. And let me add that Rihanna has time to respond to people on Instagram because it’s not like she spends hours learning routines and dance moves for her shows. She also doesn’t really sing on her songs. That is why she can record albums in like two weeks. So yeah, she has plenty of time to be on Instagram all day. Which she does.

    2. Girl go sit down. Rihanna is not all that. She doesn’t even think enough of the Navy to put on a decent show. Had she came out in an era where singers had to have talent, she would have never made it out of Barbados.

    3. It’s the truth though. Rihanna isn’t as bad as people make her out to be. She actually gives fans free tickets and treats us like fam. Beyonce would never do that for y’all. Truth hurts.

      1. So she literally hits fans, shows up 2+ hours late to every show, BARELY sings or even shows up to perform sober, and attacks fans that don’t say things she likes to hear on IG. I guess the least she can do is give you a ticket to her crotch grabbing skin fest. FYI if this is how she treats her family that’s kind of pathetic. Truth does hurt, the “navy” just won’t acknowledge it.

      2. Girl get a clue. Rihanna does not care about y’all. That’s why she isn’t on time at her shows and will assault any of you if she feels like it. She’s immature and I do not understand why she’s even successful. But hey, anyone can be famous these days even if they aren’t talented. Look at Kim Kardashian.

  2. This is why I don’t understand why people hate Beyonce. She’s a real performer and seems like a nice person. Had this been Rihanna, she would have fought her own fan. Yet she’s the down to earth one? I don’t get it.

  3. I can’t help but laugh at you delusional Rihanna fans bringing her up in every single Beyonce post. You’re pressed because you know Rihanna will never be on Beyonce’s level. I love it!

    1. its valid to bring up rihanna in this situation , both had similar experiences with Stans and they handle it differently. Beyonce try to be mother teresa while rihanna went gangsta going upside the head of crazy stans.

  4. What Beyonce did was stupid may be good PR move in the short run,but she just open a can of worm. when other crazies see how she reacted and go easy on this fool they make take it as an invitation to do dumb shyt. I prefer rihanna’s route. go upside the head. the next nut may think twice before they do dumb shyt.
    Stans are getting out of control. 1st they grab her butt. Second, they grab her weave and now they pull her off stage. what next? had she go up side the head the first time the other incidents would never happen. No one grab rihanna since she went upside the head

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