Rapper Game Gets into Fight with NBA Player Brandon Jennings

Photo Credit: Facebook/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Facebook/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Game is known for his hardcore image and he even proved he could stand up to 50 Cent after the two rappers engaged in a rap beef surrounding the breakup of G-Unit. Although Game isn’t beefing with 50 Cent these days, he’s still making music and he also has his own reality show on VH1 (Marrying the Game). While it’s looking as if he won’t be making it down the aisle soon, he is still doing some positive things in his personal life as the rapper just confirmed he will be giving away $1 million of his own money to those less unfortunate. Game says his recent decision to launch his own charitable acts doesn’t mean he’s a softie but he does have a heart, contrary to popular belief. Interestingly enough, the rapper’s bad boy ways may have returned over the weekend, as it’s now being reported he actually got into a physical confrontation with a NBA player.

Hip Hollywood is reporting that over the weekend Detroit Pistons player Brandon Jennings and Game partied at the same venue, Lure, at a day party and things went left after Game started to feel like Brandon was hogging the DJ’s microphone. According to those in attendance at the party, both men began to argue over who could use the DJ’s microphone and it didn’t take long before Game actually punched Jennings in the mouth. Both entourages began to scuffle and security reportedly broke up the altercation.

Although security was able to break up the scuffle, fighting ensued once again between the two crews later on at the party, and the party was eventually shut down over Game and Brandon’s beef.

One of the partygoers in attendance told Hip Hollywood the incident escalated because the rapper felt like he was being “disrespected.”


  1. Sad. This could have led to something way more serious too. It’s just as dumb as men fighting because someone accidentally stepped on their shoes in the club.

    1. I agree. Someone could have gotten killed. And then what? Time for these men to act like men and stop fighting over petty stuff.

  2. Game has that gang mentality because he’s in a gang. He probably thinks he owns that club because he’s there all the time. I’ve always felt like the men in gangs are the biggest punks. Game is no exception.

  3. Lol this ain’t true. While there was an altercations the game never actually hit Brandon. And it was basically over who could buy the most bottles not a microphone. Game felt disrespected and like Hercules and him and his crew got put in their place. Other than that the party was crackin. lol

  4. SMH…………Grow up !!!!! so what Game felt disrespected, marrying the Game ain’t gonna ever happen because of BS like this.

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