Drake Slays Kanye West in First Week Album Sales & Says Girls ‘Need’ Beyonce

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Drake just released his “Nothing Was the Same” album, and he’s been pretty busy doing press rounds and telling his fans why he feels this album is some of his best work. In between talking about his lack of a love life and past romances with Rihanna and Tyra Banks; Drake has made it clear that he has some very concrete goals and one of those goals is to continue to be consistent with his success. Kendrick Lamar recently challenged Drake and others to step up their bars and to compete with him lyrically in his verse for “Control,”  but Drake brushed off the challenge and revealed his real priority is to surpass Kanye West, an artist he respects tremendously.

Well if the first week sales projections for “Nothing Was the Same” is any indication, it appears as if Drake may already be halfway there if we’re going to compare first week album sales figures. According to Billboard, Drake’s latest album is projected to sell over 675,000 copies and top the Billboard 200. That means Drake has beaten Kanye’s first week sales for “Yeezus”  (he sold around 327,000 copies) and in Drake’s first week alone, he will surpass Kanye’s total album sales for “Yeezus” considering as of August, the album has only managed to sell 517,000 copies. Since Drake will do that and more in a week, it’s pretty safe to say the young emcee’s album will go platinum before Kanye’s does.

Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr
Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr

In related news, Drake may want to surpass his idol Kanye, but he has nothing but love for Beyonce. The rapper confirmed to Ryan Seacrest that he recorded new music with Beyonce and he feels girls need the superstar in the game:

“I’m a Beyonce believer. I really believe strongly in her talent and her position in our generation. I think she’s one of the biggest stars ever, but especially for these girls right now. I feel like they need Beyonce. I reached out to her and asked if I could come and be a part of her project, and she was kind enough to invite me out there.

“And we did some work together.”


While Drake didn’t confirm that the new music is for Beyonce’s upcoming album (which we heard was finished), many suspect the song will indeed be on the singer’s fifth studio album.


  1. Congrats Drake somebody better keep sharp objects away from Kanye lol. Drake is absolutely correct about Beyonce can’t wait to hear the record.

  2. I like Drake when he isn’t taking shots at Kendrick. Anyway, I knew he would sell like this. He’s a smart dude and knows how to promote his music. It’s a solid album and I’m enjoying it right now as I work. As far as the Beyonce comment, he’s absolutely right. The industry has their token bad girl with Rihanna, but Beyonce is a queen. She’s a real professional and she is always classy. She’s not perfect, but I don’t have a problem with little girls looking up to her. Yes, the game needs her.

  3. Drake is so corny. I guess he’s sucking up to the Carters because he knows you have to praise them to stay on top. I’m glad Rihanna knows better.

    1. She knows better alright that’s why a percentage of her earnings are going straight to the Carter’s from rocnation. You must have forgot Rihanna is Jay-z’s artist so he getting a piece of her money anyways so no need to suck up when they getting that money from your fave.

  4. I love his comment about Beyonce. More and more it’s been made clear why it’s important to still have at least one singer who has some kind of class about herself. The Miley Cyruses and Rihannas of the world make young women feel like that’s what they have to become to succeed. And that’s not true at all.

  5. Ok Drake. We see you out here keeping Kanye pressed. No wonder he threw shade. He knew you were getting ready to outsell him. LOL.

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