Rihanna Gets Booed in Australia, Slammed by Concert Reviewer for ‘Crotch Grabbing & Lip Syncing’

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna continues to be one of the biggest stars in music as she puts out number one singles and goes platinum consistently in a music industry in which most artists struggle to even go gold. One of the main reasons the singer continues to remain successful is due to the loyalty of her huge fan base whom she affectionately refers to as “The Navy,” and she continues to spark the public’s interest with her bad girl image. When she isn’t engaging in Twitter beefs with other artists or Chris Brown’s on and off again main squeeze Karrueche Tran, she’s still on her Diamonds World Tour, and the reports of Rihanna appearing late on stage and disappointing fans continues to make headlines.

According to Billboard, the singer was booed during her recent show in Australia. Apparently Rihanna was supposed to hit the Adelaide Entertainment Centre stage at 9pm, but she didn’t appear until 80 minutes after. Instead of cheers, the singer was met with boos from her own fans but of course the Navy settled down after Rihanna picked up the mic and told them it took her a long time to get back to Australia, but she never offered an apology or explanation for her tardiness.

She told the audience:

“Adelaide what the f***…I’m finally here…and I now remember how crazy my Australian fans are.”


Interestingly enough, a concert reviewer slammed Rihanna for her performance and even claims the singer spent much of her show grabbing and rubbing her crotch, and not making much of an effort to sing live. Jillian McHugh of the Sydney Morning Herald writes:

More than 40 minutes late, she appeared on-stage sporting a mullet and within the first minute had begun grabbing and rubbing her crotch – something that continued unabated for most of the show (and for those playing along at home, was accompanied by lyrics like “come and put your name on it” and “boy I wanna f— you right now”).

…While slurring marked the first half of the show, it was her disinterest in singing along to more than half the words of each song that marked the second half.

Largely carried by her back-up singers and backing tracks, she danced across stage with or without her microphone at her mouth, to much the same effect.




In related news, Rihanna recently posted some teaser photos from her “Pour It Up” video to her Instagram account. Looks like the video will be dropping very soon:

rihanna pour it up video


  1. So what’s new? Rihanna will always be mediocre because her fans don’t ask for anything more. Can’t knock the hustle I guess.

  2. This is just how Rihanna gets down. People can spend their money how they like, but I would NEVER pay to go see her live. For what? She has no talent.

  3. She looks like a cheap prostitute in that last photo. Sad because she used to be fabulous in her Good Girl Gone Bad/Umbrella days. Now she just looks ratchet and cheap all the time.

    1. Thank you. I was a fan back when she was popping from Umbrella. It went downhill after that. I just can’t get into the whole raunchy thing. Sorry.

  4. She’s pathetic. But we live in a time where you don’t have to be talented to be famous or successful. Look at Kim Kardashian.

  5. Rihanna’s fans don’t care. They only like her because she’s ghetto and trashy, something they can relate to. Talent isn’t important. That’s why so many of them hate Beyonce. She’s a reminder of what they feel they can’t be…classy.

    1. I’m not ghetto and I’m not trashy. But I’m not judgmental, so maybe that’s why I’m a fan of a person who doesn’t have a problem showing her flaws to the world. Beyonce is afraid to do that because she’s not authentic.

      1. So Bey isn’t authentic because she wants to be classy and a professional? That’s really a silly way of thinking. You have a lot to learn about life.

  6. This is why I only pay to go see Beyonce. I like my money’s worth. If I wanted to see Rihanna high and drunk and grabbing her vag, I can just look at her Instagram page for free.

  7. Rihanna should want to do more for her fans. They deserve a better show. She can’t always depend on their loyal, people grow up and get bored and move on to other artists. Smh.

  8. Y’all better start listening to me I have been saying for months all Rihanna does during her concerts is singing off key and just grabbing her crotch. That’s pathetic now she has resorted to lip syncing. I might can’t stand the navy but they deserve better then this because they ride for that girl and that’s the problem. Can’t show up on time for your concerts or make an effort to practice choreography or voice lessons but can always find time to engage in a twitter beef. This is your leader navy!

  9. If she focus her time rehearsing her music and her choreography,instead of spending time on twitter beefs and on ciber bullying,none of this would happen.This is the result of people nowadays praising no talent rachet stars.This why I love and admire Beyonce, cuz she always gives 1000% to her fans.

  10. You Beyonce fans are hilarious. Why does Rihanna scare and anger yall so much? Because she topped your fave in a few short years? LOL.

    1. Exactly what has she topped Beyonce in? Being naked in the most photos? Being forced to shell out single after single of lackluster “hits” because her immature fans don’t know any better? Or pretending that she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks but constantly begging for CB’s attention and showing her naked body to the world (while simultaneously always hanging out with girls that are much bigger or uglie)r? Oh! no I got it…she topped B at getting men to get rid of her shortly after sex…yeah, that’s it…

  11. I really hope that picture is a joke..if not then she should fire her entire styling crew. She looks like Willy Wonka picked her wardrobe and makeup out and she paid him for it with sex….

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