Robin Thicke Denies Stealing from Marvin Gaye & Credits Miley Cyrus for Popularity Boost

Photo Credit: MTV
Photo Credit: MTV

By: Taren Vaughan

The Robin Thicke Miley Cyrus VMA performance became the huge talk of the social media scene in no time at all. Robin Thicke’s career has truly taken off as the R&B/Soul singer is finally getting the recognition many of his fans feel he deserves. While Robin’s hit single “Blurred Lines” has remained a chart topper since it dropped this past summer, the song has sparked controversy and led to a legal war with the late great Marvin Gaye’s family. Aside from the “Blurred Lines” controversy, Robin’s MTV VMA performance with Miley Cyrus got even more people talking about the singer. And the way Robin Thicke sees it, Miley twerking on him on stage helped boost his popularity.

Speaking with Vanity Fair, Robin says he believes that because Miley Cyrus twerked on him, everyone knows who he is now as the singer has grown tired of “playing it safe” when it comes to his career. Robin also says he knew beforehand what Miley was going to do onstage and felt it was a way to get people talking:

“Everybody knows who I am now because I let Miley Cyrus twerk in front of me on the MTV awards.

“I spent my whole career playing it safe, being a gentleman, never doing anything controversial. I didn’t see [the V.M.A. performance] because I was onstage singing my a*s off. They told me [beforehand] that Miley’s going to take her clothes off and dance around and she might bend over… I just said, I don’t care, let’s entertain the people. Let’s give them something they’re not ready for, let’s make them talk.”

On whether or not he stole from Marvin Gaye’s hit song “Got To Give It Up,” Robin says:

“The chords in Marvin Gaye’s song are minor—mine are major. There isn’t one chord, one syncopation, one melody that is the same as Marvin Gaye’s song. Inspiration and stealing are two completely different things. If somebody wants to make a song like “Stairway to Heaven” and writes a song on acoustic guitar, Led Zeppelin does not own every song that’s on acoustic guitar for the rest of time.”


  1. Sex sells. People hate to admit it but it’s how you get your name out there. Robin is very talented but yes, it took Miley for him to get the attention he deserves. Don’t be mad at him, be mad at society for making it that way.

  2. I don’t care to discuss Miley because she is extremely irrelevant to me, however Robin on the other hand, this whole, “I didn’t steal anything from Marvin” thing is getting on my nerves. You KNOW you were influenced from Marvin to make that song and it doesn’t matter about the minor and major crapola. When people hear that song, it screams Marvin! I’m sorry, you cannot justify your song because it sounds exactly as the song that you pulled it from Stop playing yourself and give credit where its due. NONE of you white boys who supposedly have soul would have NOTHING if it wasn’t for artists such as Marvin. Shut the hell up!

      1. Uh, YES it is. I don’t care about the broken down music terms and what major/minor he used, he stole that song. It sounds exactly like Marvin.

  3. So……. He felt like no one knew who he was until that performance? As a fan, I’m offended. Everything about him being on stage with her was wrong and out of the character of the artist I know and love. And perhaps this is why he’ll continue to be in Justin’s shadow. *shrug*

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