Beyonce Shows off Her Curves for First Official Calendar

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Taren Vaughan

The Beyonce 2014 calendar has arrived. Beyonce has made it clear on numerous occasions that she would be bringing the fire for the year 2013. The superstar singer kicked off the year by performing the National Anthem at President Barack Obama’s second inauguration and delivered quite a performance for the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show which her DC pals Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams were a part of. And because of the highly entertaining shows she put on for her fans during her “Mrs. Carter Show” world tour and the new music she continues to tease them with on a frequent basis, the anticipation for Beyonce’s fifth solo album has done nothing but increase as the BeyHive is anxious to see what Bey has in store for her new project.

Aside from working on new music, Beyonce has snagged multimillion dollar endorsement deals and landed on the cover of several major publications. As Bey has graced the covers of magazines and been featured in clothing ads, the singer has now put together her first official calendar for the upcoming new year.

Beyonce took to her website and posted the cover for her new 2014 calendar, giving her fans a glimpse of what they can expect the calendar to look like. In the cover photo, Bey is captured rocking a sparkly outfit, complete with a matching hat and gloves, showing off her midsection. A second photo from the calendar was revealed with Beyonce peeking from behind a door showing off her curves.

The message on the singer’s website reads:

“The new year is coming soon, it’s time to get prepared with the first ever official Beyoncé calendar. Let Beyoncé help you schedule your day to day activities with her new 2014 calendar. Each month has a unique beautiful photo of Beyoncé and make a fantastic gift for family and friends.”

The calendar measures 12 x 12 inches and includes 14 different shots of Beyonce. The cost of the calendar is $15.

Check out the calendar pictures below taken by Herring & Herring:

beyonce 2014 calendar pictures cover photo

beyonce 2014 calendar pictures 1



  1. And the number of calendars she sells will be ridiculous! lol I can only imagine how many people will gift this item to bey fans. Well done.

  2. So wearing a bathing, suit showing your p***sy ,popping and twerking is called being very sexy. Not trashy and not selling sex. Oooook.

      1. No not a Rihanna fan boo boo. Get your facts straight. Just state my opinion. Just don’t understand why she get So much heat when majority of these singers,rappers,video vixen etc.. Do some of the same similar things. Dress some of the same ways, but people make a big deal when she do it. Rihanna is young. Which has made mistakes, Did things that wasn’t right. Let her live like everyone has lived and has learned from their mistakes.

    1. Hey did y’all see those naked pictures of Beyonce? Oh wait, that was Rihanna. Well did y’all see Beyonce with her nipples out and a-s cheeks exposed twerking and dancing on a stripper pole, oh sh-t my bad that was Rihanna again. Did y’all see that interview where Waka Flocka said rappers had gone through Beyonce and she was a tramp? Damn it, that’s Rihanna again! Well Bey got naked on Instagram to get her ex boyfriend’s attention — nope, that was Rihanna again! Damn, well I guess I can reach and call Bey a tramp for dancing on stage fully clothed in a leotard (you know, what most dancers perform in). I mean that’s sluttier than Rihanna will ever be, right?

      – signed a thirsty and bitter Rihanna fan

      1. Leotard my a..s ( bathing suit)/ ( P****y cutters). Feeling between your legs. I guess you need glasses, because I see her butt plain as daylight on the calendar. I don’t see that much of a difference Men and lil boys would love to have this calendar. Tithes showing. Singing about sex. Sex symbol! Not that im complaining. My point is why can someone else do it, but rihanna get so much hate when she do it. And also Miley. There music entertainers. It’s not a big deal. Wow! I guess I just never seen so much hate, because I hate no one. That’s such a strong word. How can you hate or dislike somebody that much. when they never did anything to you, you never saw them. You don’t know them personally . Oh well you did say you’re a thirsty rihanna fan. I see why she hit people when they get close. Not that I’m saying it’s ok, but dang.

        Sighned not a rihana fan just my opinion.

        1. Diamond, you hate no one? Really? That’s funny considering all the times you’ve written nasty and hateful comments about K. Michelle on here. But you have the nerve to get on a soapbox now because Rihanna gets called out for her tasteless music video? You’re no better than any of us with your fake high horse. You ain’t no saint on here, spare me. Until Beyonce releases nude photos of herself, hops on a stripper pole, sleeps around with rappers and behaves like a ratchet hood rat on the internet, she doesn’t get a slut label from me. Neither does Janet Jackson. Both women have mastered being sexy without being completely trashy. And see how Bey looks sexy and still has clothes on in this calendar? Your fave will never get that. And yes, Beyonce dances in leotards and other garments made for dancing! Get over it and stop being so dramatic when people write about Rihanna on here. You’re always crying on Rihanna posts, it’s getting lame.

  3. So I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t think Bey or Rihanna are sluts just because of what they do on stage. It’s 2013, but we’re still slut shaming ladies? Really? Do better.

    1. I get what you’re saying, but there is no need to “do better” sometimes it’s literally about how you portray yourself. Rihanna does and says things that make you question her no matter where she is or what she is doing. She’s naked on stage, she’s naked on instagram, she’s naked in magazines, she’s naked in her videos, and she says/does things in her personal life that confirm she sleeps around. If Rihanna doesn’t want to be called/treated like a hoe she wouldn’t act like one. She doesn’t care so why do you? You cannot defend her at this point so you should just let it go and be her fan. At least she has like 3 or 4 on here.

  4. Beyoncé has been on whose going to take her off. She is so good with this, She reminds you with this 2014 camera she is so hood with this. Beyoncé has the power to make anything sell, millions not just from albums, but Pepsi, Magazines, perfumes, clothes and not Calendars. Only thing we waiting on now is the fifth album which more likely blow everybody else out the water. I strongly believe her fifth album is going to be her top selling out of all her albums! Beyoncé is going to sell at least 2 million albums in both the U.S. and U.K. I see this upcoming album of Beyoncé going Certified Diamond.

  5. What Miley and Rihana are doing now is nothing new. They aren’t doing anything that artists like Madonna haven’tt done back in the 80s. People thought she was a slut too, but she’s now considered by many to be a music legend.

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