Erica Mena Says K. Michelle Was Scared to Shoot Scenes with Her for LHHNY

Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Erica Mena and K. Michelle beef reignited? As the premiere of season four of “Love and Hip Hop New York” vastly approaches, everyone expects there to be lots of drama considering K. Michelle has been added to the cast. The singer claims she’s only doing one season of LHHNY as a favor to  Mona Scott Young considering the ratings tanked last season, and although K. Michelle brought the drama to the Atlanta spinoff, she’s got more to lose now then she did when she came busting on the LHHATL scene. Now only did K. Michelle nab a new record deal with Warner Bros. after season one of LHHATL, but she recently dropped her first studio album “Rebellious Soul” to some strong first week sales and it’s doing well on the charts. In fact, the singer’s management has warned her against getting a little too controversial on reality shows at this point, and she was told it’s not a good look for her image.

Erica Mena isn’t worried about K. Michelle’s image progression, and she’s made it clear on Twitter that she wants a chance to see just how bad the former LHHATL star is in person, and hinted she is interested in a physical confrontation. However, K. Michelle shut her all the way down in a recent interview and claimed Erica was only thirsty for a story line and she had no plans to entertain her.

After the first trailer for the upcoming season of LHHNY aired last night, Erica took to her Twitter account to tell a fan that K. Michelle was too afraid to film any scenes with her:

erica mena twitter

Of course K. Michelle responded:

k. michelle twitter

Erica also bragged that she runs the show and the trailer that was aired last night:

erica mena twitter 2


  1. The person who tweeted Erica is just as ghetto and classless as she is. These women are too old to be trying to show out and fight. Grow up.

  2. So riddle me this, how does Erica run the show when it flopped last season, the season she was actually the star? And Mona asked K. Michelle to do the show because it sucked so bad last season…humble yourself Mena.

  3. Erica will do anything for attention. But she’s hardly running anything. Has she not seen last season’s ratings?

  4. Sigh…whatever Erica. I still remember when she called Rich’s BM nappy. I’ve been done with her racist behind ever since.

  5. K should have not even responded. Erica is not worth it. All she has is LHH. K. Michelle is a real recording artist who is getting ready to go on tour. Meanwhile, Erica is faking a lesbian relationship and being attracted to Rich Dollaz to stay employed by VH1. She loses.

  6. Is Erica serious? This can’t be the same chick calling someone scared who was calling the police after she got busted in the head w/ a glass by Kimbella and who got tossed up by Rich’s side chick. Erica needs to shut up because she stay getting beat up. She ain’t slick she trying to get up for the 3rd year to secure a spot pathetic!

    1. *She ain’t slick she trying to get beat up for a 3rd year to secure a spot for the next season pathetic!*

  7. Lol grow up Erica, drama isn’t cute and people are getting tired of watching girls act like birds for no reason

  8. Im glad K. Michelle is starting to change her image. Erica Mena needs to grow up. You are a mom. Get some class

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