Adrian Peterson Just Learned Deceased Son Was His Recently, Alleged Abuser Has Abused Children Prior

Photo Credit: Mike Morbeck
Photo Credit: Mike Morbeck

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Many are still shocked and saddened by the recent news surrounding NFL star Adrian Peterson and his son. As we recently reported, the two-year-old was allegedly severely beaten by his mother’s boyfriend. Although the child had been in critical condition since Wednesday according to reports, he was taken off life support on Friday. The child’s mother decided to give his organs away to people in need, and Adrian expressed his gratitude for all the support he’s received from fans and fellow NFL players although he did confirm at a press conference that he plans to play this weekend. At the time of the story’s breaking, many people had questions. And now there seems to be more details leaking out about the horrible incident.

The deceased son of Adrian Peterson, Ty Doohen. Photo Credit: Facebook
The deceased son of Adrian Peterson, Ty Doohen.
Photo Credit: Facebook

According to Minneapolis City Pages Newspaper, Adrian Peterson just learned recently that he was the child’s father. Apparently the child, Ty Doohen, was the love child between Adrian and Ashley Ann Doohen, a South Dakota woman the football player had a reportedly very brief and casual relationship with. The paper is claiming that Adrian recently took a paternity test that proved he fathered the child. Interestingly enough, TMZ is reporting that the first time Adrian met the child was Thursday in the hospital while he was on life support. However, he had planned to fly out a few weeks ago to meet the child later this month, but dropped everything immediately to be with the child once he learned of the attack.

Ashley Doohen, mother of Adrian Peterson's deceased son.  Photo Credit: Facebook
Ashley Doohen, mother of Adrian Peterson’s deceased son.
Photo Credit: Facebook

As far as the alleged abuser Joseph Patterson  is concerned, it’s also been reported by Argus Leader that the relationship between him and the child’s mother was fairly new. Apparently, Joseph had just moved in with the child and the child’s mother prior to the incident.

Joseph Patterson.  Photo Credit: Facebook
Joseph Patterson.
Photo Credit: Facebook

It’s also been confirmed by Joseph’s crime records that he’s been accused of abusing a child before, and an ex-girlfriend says he beat her three-year-old so badly that her son “needed ice for welts on his buttocks.” The woman even claims he threatened to kill her multiple times and records show he violated multiple restraining orders she took out against him.

Adrian Peterson isn’t saying much else about the tragedy but sources close to the athlete claim he has volunteered to pay for the child’s funeral services.


  1. This story just gets sadder and sadder. That is one beautiful little boy. These reports are not a great reflection of this child’s mother. We have the death penalty in our country to deal with monsters that commit these types of crimes it’s time to use it!!

  2. Honestly, women have to do better. I’m not saying it’s all this woman’s fault, but she made some bad choices that led to her son being killed.

  3. She didn’t know this man good enough to be living with him so soon. I think women need to really take their time when it comes to bringing men around their kids.

  4. What in the world? So Adrian just found out he was the father? So that’s problem number one. As women, we need to know who the fathers of our children are. They deserve better than that from us. Then on top of that, she moves in with a man she just started dating and didn’t at least pull up his records first? It’s easy as hell and affordable to do a background check nowadays. Come on!

  5. I read somewhere else that evil bastard has a young child himself. I bet he would kill someone if they did the same thing to his child.

  6. This explains why Adrian was acting so unattached to this child. I knew something wasn’t right when he said he was going to play this week. I could not go to work right after my child was murdered.

  7. I know the mom didn’t kill the child, but man she sure is responsible for a lot of this. That poor baby didn’t stand a chance. She didn’t even know who his father was until recently. She let some stranger move in and hurt her child. And chances are it wasn’t the first time he had attacked that child. She was too busy being fast to notice her child was in danger. Smh.

  8. Adrian is a ho also since he was cheating on his fiance who may have been pregnant with Adrian. Jr at the same time.So if you slut shame her then slut shame him.I am not excusing her for leaving her son with an abuser.There would be no son to kill IF they had both taken precautions. Well anyway RIP Ty I pray he didn’t suffer.

  9. Sad situation all around. But the fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter how much of a hoe Adrian might be, why did this woman bring a stranger near her child? That’s the biggest issue. Who cares if she slept around, that’s not what got the child killed. What got the child killed was her very flawed judgment of character.

  10. So like we said yesterday, she didn’t know her new boyfriend too well. I hope women look at this situation and learn from it. Sadly, I know most won’t.

  11. This woman had no business being a mother. None at all. If you don’t know who got you pregnant, you’re not a good woman. Men will only do what you allow! Value yourself more!

    1. Then if you are a man having unprotective sex with a woman you have a brief,casual relationship ,you are not a “good man”? He needs to value himself as well he risked contracting STDs and infecting Elizabeth.He also risked losing hundreds of thousand of dollars in child support
      Because if she was a golddigger she would have sued him for paternity when the boy was born just in case he was the father. I am sick of men being giving passes for being promiscuous.
      As someone said earlier Ty is dead because she trusted a Monster and hopefully the other guys in jail will take care and beat him like he beat that baby

      1. I’m sorry, but where in my comment did I give Adrian a pass? I didn’t mention him because he was not a father to this child and I think him going to the hospital was damage control. I think he’s a selfish man who sleeps around and could care less about this child. So there goes that theory of yours, then right?

        But there’s no lies in anything I said. It doesn’t matter if we talk about Adrian’s whoredom or not, this woman was fast and her actions got her child murdered. Yall focus so much on making sure men get called whores on here that yall forget how important it is that women make smarter choices with their bodies. Again, men only do to us what we allow. Nothing you say on here will change that.

      2. Please spare us with the equality debate. It’s pointless on this post. That woman made some terrible choices, but the choice to bring a stranger near her child is what got him murdered. Nothing else matters. I don’t care who was hoe, who sleeps around…none of that is important because that’s not what got the baby hurt. She brought a child abuser in her home because she was too selfish to learn who he was first before living with him. End of story.

        And Anonymous, Adrian did not even know this child existed until recently. We don’t know how he feels right now, but the mother should not have waited all those years to find the child’s father. That was wrong on her part. With that being said, I feel bad for both parents.

  12. Umm I really don’t think it matters who was sleeping around. She moved too fast and moved someone in with her child that she didn’t know well at all. That was the issue.

  13. He wasn’t a stranger. They had been in a relationship for awhile. but just moved in together. Matter of fact, he was arrested for beating on her last year but she dropped the charges. He has a picture with him and both of their sons, holding their hands. SMH. Let’s keep the blame where it belongs, on this monster. Not Adrian or Ann.

    1. Actually, you’re incorrect. You just twisted info completely. The woman he got arrested for assaulting last year was an ex girlfriend and DIFFERENT woman. And police have confirmed multiple times that the evil a-hole’s relationship with the victim’s mother is fairly recent. That came out of the mouths of the police, not TMZ. In fact the police LIEUTENANT said that. And that photo he has with both boys was taken this year, actually a few months ago. They have only been dating since this year. That’s not long enough to know someone and move in together. So yes, he was a stranger. And yes, she does have some blame. If you think she has absolutely no responsibility in this all I can do shake my head. Women have got to start being more protective of who they bring around their kids. Smh.

  14. I have been disturbed by this as soon as I heard it. I have been waiting to voice my opinion about it. Firstly Rest in Peace my sweet child. There is NO WAY! this was the first incident with the child of course we learn He is a complete MONSTER…She seems to be a very reckless mother…letting a man move in with her so soon when she has a young child???? Dumb Moron is putting my words lightly….you must be so oblivious self absorbed and very careless to not even research things about this man?????? I am sure if she was PROACTIVE in finding out what kind of man this was…she would be with her son now… BUT THIS TRAGEDY is now hopefully teaching her a lesson of what to be do in the future when she decides to let someone watch her child????!!!!!!!! because we all now she is going to have another one….She is a shame to loving mothers out there….AND THESE WORDS ARE MY OWN AND YOU CAN JUDGE ALL YOU WANT OF WHAT I HAVE SAID …BUT HOPEFULLY SHE HAS SOME SANE PEOPLE AROUND HER TO HELP HER….. SUCH A SHAME!

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