Rihanna Makes History in Africa with Sold out Stadium Show

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna is without a doubt one of the top stars in the music business, and it appears the singer is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Not only can lipsticks with MAC sell out online in three hours, but she has also proven that she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fashion. Her deal with River Island has been a huge success, and her deal with the label is selling so fast that even a petition created over her recent Twitter beef with Teyana Taylor couldn’t force the fashion house to terminate the deal. But when it comes to music, Rihanna has managed to break records and churn out more hits than her critics imagined she ever would and she even got her first number one album with her latest album “Unapologetic.” So it’s not a shocker that the tour for the album is going so well.

In fact, the singer reportedly made history with her recent show in Africa. Rihanna performed in Johannesburg the other day and she performed in front of one of the largest audiences she’s ever had to date. In fact, it’s being reported that she actually made history considering she was entertaining more than 67,000 fans. Rihanna took to her Instagram account to alert her fans that the recent show means she is the youngest female artist to play a sold out show at the stadium. She posted the following photo and writes in the caption:

rihanna sold out stadium africa



Congrats to Rihanna. In related news, the singer also posted some photos of herself enjoying some time in Africa. Check out the cute photos below:


rihanna in africa
rihanna in africa 2
rihanna in africa 3
rihanna in africa 4


  1. UB thank you for posting this! So many urban blogs didn’t post this, but they are so fast to post the negative stuff about Rihanna. Thank you for being fair! PS, that Rihanna Reign won’t let up!!!!!

  2. I’m still not a fan but I’m still happy to see a black woman achieving this kind of success. Congrats to her.

  3. Hey, times have really changed when it comes to being famous. If Kim K can be famous, Rihanna should be able to sell out stadiums.

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