Writer Slams Adrian Peterson & Blames Him for Son’s Death

Photo Credit: Joe Bielawa
Photo Credit: Joe Bielawa

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Adrian Peterson has been in the media plenty for the last few days considering his two-year-old son was allegedly severely beaten by his mother’s boyfriend and later passed away from the alleged attack. As we reported recently, the police department later confirmed that the child’s mother relationship with the attacker was “fairly recent” and the couple just moved in together shortly before the incident. Records also showed that the attacker, Joseph Patterson, has a solid history of abuse against women and children as well. It was also reported that Adrian just learned he was the father to the child recently and the first time he met the child was when he visited him in the hospital while he was on life support from the attack. Despite the tragic news, Adrian Peterson shocked many when he confirmed he would still be playing on Sunday, and the NFL star told reporters that he uses football as way to handle pain in his life. That didn’t stop a writer from the New York Post from ripping him to shreds though.

Phil Mushnick slammed the professional athlete in his column, and even blamed the child’s death on Adrian citing that he should have been more involved in the child’s life and gotten him out of the dangerous environment before the beating even took place:

Still, I’m stuck with what I’ve got. And it’s sickening the NFL’s latest MVP, hours after his son died — allegedly murdered — declared he was “ready to roll,” ready to play football.

Me? I’d be fighting for breath, my knees weak with grief, demanding to know why, who, how. Then, I suspect, I’d seethe with rage, swearing retribution. I even think I’d take off a day or two from work. Maybe a week.

The suspect in the beating murder of Peterson’s 2-year-old is the boyfriend of Peterson’s “baby mama” — now the casual, flippant, detestable and common buzz-phrase for absentee, wham-bam fatherhood.

The accused, Joseph Patterson, previously was hit with domestic assault and abuse charges.

With his resources, how could Peterson, the NFL’s MVP, have allowed his son to remain in such an environment? Did he not know, or not care? Or not care to know? Or not know to care?


Did the writer take it too far or do you agree? Speak on it below.


  1. It seems as though this writing is an attention whoring idiot. There are a plethora of things wrong in this story however the position that this particular writer has taken is pathetic.

  2. Wow so this man isn’t even go to bring up the fact that the baby mama had no idea who was the kid’s father for two years?! Or that another man she thought was the father at one point raised him until the DNA test recently? Or that she moved this man in when they only got together a few months ago? I guess the writer would rather place blame on the black man than the white woman who made the actual choices that got her child put in danger. Very typical of white media.

  3. The writer is an idiot. Adrian just found out he was the father. I may not agree with him playing football last weekend, but everyone grieves differently. For the rest of AP’s life, he’s going to be wondering what if. And that’s sad.

  4. This is very irresponsible journalism. The writer is obviously writing this for hits, but at the cost of his soul. Adrian is not to blame here. He just found out the little boy was his. That means the child’s mom went two whole years without knowing who the baby’s father was. Why is no one bringing that up?

    1. The media isn’t talking about that because she’s not a black woman. If she was black, they’d be calling her a terrible mom and typical baby mama. But she gets a pass. The man who killed the child is full responsible, but that woman had a role in this as well because she didn’t check this man out good enough before bringing him around her child. A background check is cheap and easy to get nowadays.

  5. This man needs to go to hell. This is NOT the kind of story anyone should use to get attention for their mediocre writing skills.

  6. This is so wrong. The man didn’t always know he was the father. Did this writer do any research or did he just opt for writing reckless for page views?

  7. Oh STFU. Not one time did he even bring up the child’s mother, the actual person who brought that abuser into her home after dating him for like a few months!

  8. Y’all don’t pay this man any attention. He always writes stuff to get peoples attention. All he does is write trash for shock value and attention. Nope not here buddy I wont be engaging in the filth he writes.

  9. I think the writer just wants attention but sadly there are some real people saying this about Adrian. I just don’t think it’s fair because he just learned he was the father. People can be so horrible.

  10. This man is a piece of crap….why dont he go and write a article on the piece of S**t that took this poor baby’s life..people grieve in different ways…he never got a chance to bond with this child that he just found out was his but I am sure this is something he feels guilty about it…This is just a sad situation all around that happens more then we know…And I dont believe that it has anything to do with race every other paper, website and media outlet is tearing this woman apart…yes she did just starting to date this man and move in with him but this is a something this woman will have to live with for the rest of her life….all this bashing people are doing on him and her will not bring this baby back…

  11. This is very sad because a precious child was lost but 2 additional things are real. Mothers should do better jobs of researching the men they bring them around their children. And second, black athletes need to stop sleeping with every “b” in sight then they don’t have to worry about leaving babies in every town. Unfortunately Adrian Petterson is like a lot of b. lack men in entertainment. Now outing those two issues aside I have to agree with the writer. They day he found out this child was his was they he could have made a change in that boys life. If his car was parked where kids were throwing rock or next to tree dripping sap, HR would move it right away. If their million dollar home was burning down they would do everything under the sun to put it out. He could have had that chick, her man, her home under investigation the day he found out about his. I’m not saying he could have stopped it I’m just saying, if some of these black men love their children like they love their cars these children would stand a chance. I know a lot of black people are sounding off about this writers but ladies you know you would expect your childs father to be there the DAY you tell him that he’s the father regardless if its one day, one year, or five years after the face. We expect home to be on the next thing smoking to cone and meet his child. And you expect him to be there when he takes his last breath. Don’t give him a pass because he Playa football or because his sons mother is white. Even a dog continues to nurture its pup when it dies after birth. Playing in a football game is just another cop-out. He should have stayed by that little boys side until he took his last breath letting him know that regardless of the situation, he was a blessing. Adrian is selfish and does not want to emotionally connect himself to this awful situation. God bless and good luck to everyone involved and RIP sweetie

  12. I agree 100%! As soon as AP knew that was HIS son, he should’ve had investigators check out the mother & her lifestyle. If it wasn’t up to par, he should’ve sued for custody. If nothing else, it would’ve forced the mother into being more responsible and not moving random men into her home. Idk how anybody gives that man OR woman a pass. Both of them were crappy parents but AP makes it clear he really didn’t give a damn.

    1. Or maybe he could’ve done the same thing we expect of women…be more careful who you make babies with & who you allow around those kids. He didn’t care who is around the “throwaway” kids he’s made.

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