NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton Beef Details Revealed?

Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle

By: Taren Vaughan

NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton fight details revealed? NeNe Leakes will be appearing on the upcoming season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” but right now, the reality TV star’s spinoff show “I Dream of NeNe” is what has fans talking as the show appears to be filled with just as much drama as RHOA. NeNe’s spinoff show highlights her journey to remarrying the love of her life Gregg Leakes. And in the midst of NeNe preparing to say “I Do” to Gregg for a second time around, a beef started to brew between NeNe’s former RHOA cast member Marlo Hampton and one of her friends. NeNe’s friend Diana Gowins recently revealed that she feels as though Marlo is an opportunist and NeNe admitted she felt the same way about her former cast mate.

Beyond her appearances on NeNe’s spinoff, some strings were apparently pulled for Marlo as the head execs over at Bravo decided to allow her to appear on season six of RHOA and supposedly Marlo isn’t trying to stop there. According to Straight From The A, Marlo Hampton has been supposedly trying to get chummy with Kenya Moore as a way to possibly get more camera time. And Marlo’s reported actions are not sitting well with NeNe at all.

In addition to her beef with Marlo, there is also a rumor going around about NeNe allegedly getting physical with an RHOA producer over Marlo’s fate as a member of the show’s cast. Those rumors were shut down by NeNe on her Twitter account, and The Jasmine Brand was told that NeNe alleged got into it with Marlo during a bowling event Cynthia Bailey was hosting. NeNe supposedly felt Marlo was trying to amplify the situation strictly for the cameras and confronted executive producer Carlos King over the show’s producers trying to drum up a storyline centered around her beef with Marlo. During the alleged confrontation, NeNe reportedly threw water on Carlos, hurled a few choice words at him and told producers she would walk away from the show if Marlo wasn’t fired.

Marlo hasn’t spoken out about the rumors as of yet but NeNe took it upon herself to set things straight as she denies fighting with show producer Carlos King (Read from bottom to top):

nene leakes fights with producer rumor addressed by nene

NeNe also threw a little shade Marlo’s way after blogger FreddyO showed Marlo some love over the launch of her new hairline:

nene leakes fights with producer rumor addressed by nene leakes



NeNe also mentioned that she has been in touch with the police department in Atlanta, so while we’re not sure what went down during filming, we’re sure whatever happened will be included on season six of the show. Bravo does love drama.


    1. True but she’s working on that trust. Kenya’s whole plan is to replace NeNe and be the head honcho of the show. NeNe is underestimating her too.

    2. Neither is NeNe. She was forgettable last season. I think she’s trying to turn up now because she knows Andy is bored with her. All she did last season was talk about Gregg and her little acting gig on Glee. No one cared and Kenya stole the show. That’s what this is all about. Making sure she has a dramatic storyline this season.

  1. For NeNe to brag about how great she can figure people out she sure missed the red flags with Marlo. Marlo is a user and she’s a snake. She will do anything to be on TV. Her and Kenya have a lot in common. NeNe should have seen Marlo for what she is a long time ago.

  2. So basically NeNe is really just mad because Marlo has a new friend now to use for screen time besides her? NeNe is so petty. It is not that serious. All of them are attention whores, that’s why they are on reality TV. Don’t be mad at Marlo for trying to get in where she fits in. She has bills to pay too.

    1. Exactly !!! Used to be NeNe but there is something about her that I am not feeling lately. She tries to control everyone and she takes digs at her freinds like it okay. Marlo is grown woman and she can be friends with whomever she wants.

      1. So many typos lol. I used to be team NeNe but there is something I am not feeling about her lately. She tries to control everyone and she takes digs at her friends like it’s okay. Marlo is a grown woman and she can be friends with whomever she wants.

  3. All of these people are fake in some way. I’m not sure why NeNe like to get on high horse and pretend she’s so real. She’s really not. This is some conceived story line for the show. And it sounds silly.

  4. NeNe girl please stop pretending like you’re better than everyone else on the show. All of you are pressed for camera time and Kenya is eyeing your position.

  5. This sounds so high school to me. NeNe is mad that Kenya and Marlo are friends? Those are the kinds of fights you had when you were young and didn’t like to share your friends. Of course Marlo wants more screen time, she wants the money and didn’t even make an appearance last season. It’s not that deep. NeNe always gets mad when she feels threatened. The real issue is she’s nervous Kenya could be taking her spot. I don’t see that happening, but maybe NeNe does. She was a non factor last season.

  6. NeNe don’t want it with Marlo. Marlo will whoop her a-s and take the charge while looking fabulous in the mugshot. She’s gutter. Marlo wants more camera time, it’s not that serious. But I can see Marlo slapping NeNe and she gets up in her face. She’s not scared of her like everyone else is. And I bet Kenya is behind the scenes stirring the pot like always. LOL.

  7. I go on one little vacation and feel so lost when I come back ( ._.)…and I don’t even watch this show enough to know who Marlo is lol…*dips back out of the post

  8. Kenya is an invalid , nonfactor,fradulent chic.why is she even on the show? How is she relevant to the show? She don’t have a husband and probably never will have one.she wants the other ladies life. She’s old messy and needs to have a seat.Ne Ne is my girl but she should have seen that kenya was grimy,especially after what she did to phaedra,and ruined their friendship.She’s just tryna come between NeNe and Marlo.and Watch Out Marlo! She gone do the same thing to you.She only wants fame for the show.and she will do whatever she has to get it.Toodles Kenya kill yo self.

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