Marlo Hampton Says Kenya Moore Flopped at RHOA Reunion + Kenya Serves Marlo

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Kenya Moore accused Marlo Hampton of trying to use her ex to get even.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton‘s feud has played out on and off of the show. Kenya has made some interesting accusations about her foe. In fact, she has expressed frustrations with editing for the current season. She believes Marlo receives preferential treatment from producers. And that things have allegedly been edited out of the show to protect Marlo. According to Kenya, Marlo’s supposed special treatment is why she’s been having a lackluster performance during Season 15. To no surprise, Kenya and Marlo’s feud was discussed during part 1 of the reunion. Kenya made a very interesting revelation, too.

Kenya handed Andy Cohen a document. She told him that it was a subpoena for Marlo. According to Kenya, Marlo has interjected herself into her nasty divorce from Marc Daly. Marc cited the scene from a past episode in which Marlo kicked her hotel door while Brooklyn Daly was inside sleeping during the Alabama trip. He said the moment was proof that the show isn’t a safe environment for Brooklyn to be in.

She also said that when she subpoenaed Marc’s phone records during the discovery phase, she saw Marlo’s number in Marc’s text history. And Marc told her Marlo contacted him for dirt on her.

Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore had more to say on social media.

Andy looked over the document and told Kenya it was blank. Kenya then said her team must have made an error. But she still intended to serve Marlo on another day to get things moving.

Fans had quite the reaction to the reunion moment. Some feel Kenya has lost her edge despite coining herself the “Shade Assassin” years ago. Others were more fixated on Marlo possibly contacting Marc behind Kenya’s back.

Marlo denied that she contacted Marc for dirt on Kenya. But she said a lot more on X. She wrote, “Looks like y’all fave fell flat tonight 😕 from her outfit, to her tired reads, blank fake *** subpoena, & still not open salon …blaming production for her lack of story #rhoa #RIPtotheShadeAssassin #thatmathaintmathing.”

As for Kenya, she took to the social media platform to post the correct version of the subpoena and repeated one of NeNe Leakes‘ favorite quotes, “You never win when you play dirty. #yougotserved #tellittothejudge #RHOA.”

She also made sure to clarify that Marlo was served after the reunion was filmed.

An X user wrote, “Not #kenyamoore giving Marlo a subpoena to be in court because her number was in Marc’s phone. Turns out she brought the wrong subpoena. Now you know Marlo is not going to show up. She gon be ducking that subpoena now that she knows it’s coming. #RHOAReunion”

Kenya replied, “She was served properly after the reunion.”


  1. Did Kenya think when she handed Andy the subpoena he wouldn’t read it? She messed that one up. Marlo and no one else is going to let her forget it.
    I would not put Marlo on a witness stand, she will say anything that comes to mind.

    1. To add to that the document that she posted there is no case number (file number) she tried to cover it up but didn’t do a good job. Anyone can generate court docs on the net. She or one of her people made this up🤣🤣🤣

  2. Just take the whole dam show off the air. It is an embarrassing to be a Black Woman. All they do is fight, competite with each other and name calling. Be a woman, I don’t call other woman B-tch. I hate the word. These ladies or suppose to be classy and professional. They suck at it. I feel all the Housewives shows need to be off the air. They give all woman a bad deal.

    1. I agree, first and foremost, producers need to stick to the theme as planned. If they’re not housewives why are they on the show. It’s the not divorced or ex RHOA, the show is garbage right now!

  3. Marloooow or Mrs Roper,
    Please! You are still so jealous of Kenya. Where’s your salon or business venture? How’s your resale clothing store? Yes, you probably did contact Marc. You’re dirty! You said that you apologize to Brooklyn. Girrrrrl you are soooooo, sooooo fake. Brooklyn doesn’t even know you. You should be sorry for possibly traumatizing Kenya & Marc’s child.

    Please Go! Please! Your purpose is done! You are truly a bottomless bumm! Your facial expressions are hilarious. You can’t stand toe to toe with Kenya, Kandi, Drew or Monyetta!
    You’re not even a friend of the show!

    By Felicia!

    1. Ditto! MarLOW gave us nothing, she was a bottom feeder every since she appeared on the show and to give someone of her worthlessness a peach totally devalues the show. Heck, it is enough with Sheree and Sanya boring presence on the show, I think two bum chicks are plenty.

  4. Marlo IS and always has been a clueless, classless excuse for a woman. Next time someone takes out the trash, make sure she’s with it. Personally , I’ve always thought Andy is behind most of the nasty. He and Marlo think alike. Wear your suits and pretty dresses- you’re still trash.

  5. I never really caught on to this show, but how many of the cast members are truly married/housewives and who are they? Thanks

  6. Amazing how women who have the same mindset as Kenya agree with her motives. The nastiness/shade towards anyone not in her league speaks volumes to the old Ms USA. Marlo may not be anyone’s favorite, but there’s always a scapegoat character. Remember the lie Phaedra told Porsha about Kandi and how they treated her. The scene when Kenya disrespected Kim Fields, Cynthia and the way she carried herself by cussing Martell out. She should be focusing on all the men she’s been with, even now and how that version or storyline she’ll tell Brooklyn that it was Marlo’s fault. Girl bye

  7. I just wish they grow up get a real Life, stop letting Folks make a mockery of them,using them for coins!! Where are our Black Women role models? It’s real sad our young Ladies don’t have many to look up to! 🤷🏾‍♀️😩🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  8. Marlo wasn’t the only one who kicked on that door that night…I believe sheree kicked it first, why does she get a pass??????

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