Another Woman Comes Forward & Claims Adrian Peterson Fathered Her Three Month Old Daughter

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Another Adrian Peterson child revealed? Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has been receiving massive amounts of attention from the media over the past week ever since the news broke about his 2-year-old son Ty being severely beaten by his mother’s boyfriend to the point where the child was in critical condition in the hospital. The situation was already a horrifying one but became even more heartbreaking when it was confirmed that Adrian Peterson’s 2-year-old son Ty died from the beating he endured. Shortly after the passing of his son, numerous source claimed the NFL star just recently discovered that the young child was his a couple of months ago and had plans to officially meet his son prior to his passing.

Sadly, AP ended up seeing Ty for the first time while he was on life support. More information about the mother’s boyfriend Joseph Patterson also reached media outlets with the quickness as it was revealed that Patterson has a history of being abusive towards women and children. With the passing of his son, many expected Adrian Peterson to take a break from the field to grieve over his loss but he instead decided to play in the game against the Carolina Panthers this past Sunday and caught a lot of heat over his decision. Supposedly the NFL baller’s parenting skills aren’t up to par as a woman took to her Twitter account claiming she is the mother of Adrian’s eldest son and blasted him for allegedly being a bad father. The woman even went as far as to post photos of AP and her son spending time together.

And according to TMZ, Adrian Peterson has second mysterious child, a 3-month-old baby girl, by a waitress in Minnesota who currently lives with her mother in the state. Insiders revealed to the website that the little girl does have Adrian Peterson’s last name as it appears on her birth certificate and the mother of AP’s alleged daughter supposedly met him at Seven while she served him.

Adrian Peterson nor camp have yet to comment on the reports of his alleged 3-month-old daughter.




  1. All I can do is chuckle. He’s only doing it because these women are hopping at the opportunity. They know he’s a NFL star and they want that child support. Me personally, I wouldn’t have a baby with a man that already has a boatload of kids he doesn’t take care of. I would want a better father for my children. But a lot of women don’t seem to care I see.

  2. Why aren’t any of these people wearing condoms? This is beyond nasty. And I’m blaming everyone involved. Adrian and all these women. You don’t just bring children in the world in such a reckless manner. I’m just baffled by how irresponsible ADULTS are behaving.

  3. “Me personally, I wouldn’t have a baby with a man that already has a boatload of kids he doesn’t take care of. I would want a better father for my children. ” <<<< AMEN.

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