Adrian Peterson Calls Deadbeat Dad Accusations BS

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Adrian Peterson has been in the news plenty as of late ever since the NFL star’s two-year-old son was severely beaten by his mother’s boyfriend and eventually passed away from the injuries. Although most people initially began to rally behind the athlete and showed their support, backlash slowly began to build once it was confirmed that the athlete would go ahead and play football after receiving news of the child’s death. The Minnesota Vikings player defended his choice to play following the tragic incident, and claimed it was his way of coping. However, some felt it was a selfish move and they questioned if he even cared about the child considering he just saw him in person for the first time while he was on life support. But Adrian’s camp claims he had just recently learned he was the father a few months ago and he had made plans to meet the child just later this month.

Regardless, that hasn’t stopped more skeletons from falling out of the professional athlete’s closet as it was confirmed that he just recently learned he is the father to a woman’s three-month-old daughter and one of his other baby mamas Erica Syion put him on blast recently and claimed he doesn’t spend enough time with his son whom she raises. She claimed in her Twitter rant that Adrian does pay child support and he does pay for the child’s schooling but she reportedly told TMZ he wasn’t so cooperative at first. According to the website, she claimed she had to sue the athlete for $50,000 in child support back in April and she says they settled in September. However, TMZ is now claiming that no court documents show that Adrian has ever been late in paying Erica child support.

In fact, the website says Adrian’s camp provided court documents that proved the athlete has dutifully paid Erica child support since 2009 for $2500 a month. His camp also says he wasn’t ordered to pay for the child’s tuition costs or travel expenses, but he’s done so regardless.

Interestingly enough, there’s also court documents filed by Adrian in which he is requesting more time with their four-year-old son, so that directly contradicts Erica’s recent rant in which she claimed Adrian wasn’t trying to spend any time with the child.

Erica is claiming that TMZ is lying and she never claimed that Adrian missed any child support payments. She tweets:

TMZ is making sh*t up now or misread the paperwork where idk where they even got it from. And I don’t know where they are getting those #s

Convo with @TMZ don’t put words in my mouth. If I said it I’ll own it.I said he’s an absent father, never mentioned $

The only thing he has took the time to correct bc that’s the only thing that wasn’t true. Everything else I said is.

All the ppl calling me an attention whore but took the time out to SEARCH for my page,& leave me a comment THANK U. Its YOU WHO gave it2me


Erica also told TMZ that Adrian has fathered seven children with at least four different women, a claim he has not denied as of yet.


  1. Adrian is doing lots of damage control I see. The fact of the matter is he shouldn’t be out here having all these children with multiple women. Is this stripper broad just trying to get attention, of course she is but he needs to get his ish together.

  2. So somebody is lying. Either way, it’s not cool that he’s going around and having all these kids with all these women just because he thinks he can afford it.

  3. Well in her tweets she did say he does pay for the child’s expenses. Her point was he’s not around enough. So I’m not sure why TMZ ran with it the way they did. But if he is trying to spend more time and filed the paperwork to do so, then I would have to say she was just looking for attention.

  4. Yeah that’s cool and all but is he ever going to stop having all these kids? It may seem like he will never run out of money, but how many times have athletes seen that’s not the case. Look at Terrell Owens. It happens all the time.

  5. This girl just wanted some attention! I’m not giving Adrian a pass because I do think he’s probably not a good father but she knew what she was doing. She must be mad he’s moved on to like 10 other females since her.

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