Publishers Confirm Kim Kardashian’s Magazine Covers Aren’t Selling Well & Blame Kanye

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Kim Kardashian’s popularity declining? It was already confirmed weeks ago that Kim’s fiancé Kanye West isn’t as popular as he used to be, considering his album sales have been dismal and he’s struggling to consistently sell out stadiums as of late. But now a new report claims the reality star isn’t so popular herself these days, and magazine publishers are noticing it even more than anyone else.

According to the New York Post, magazine covers which feature Kim, another Kardashian or the whole clan are seeing a drop in sales. And this drop started not too long after Kim hooked up with Kanye. The publication writes:

“It’s over. The fatigue factor has really set in,” one magazine publisher told me. “None of the Kardashians, either alone or together, is selling.”

Sources say Jann Wenner paid $110,000 for a heavily retouched photo of Kim Kardashian in a white bikini, which he splashed on the Dec. 23 cover of Us Weekly under the headline, “My Body Is Back.”

But the glossy, which usually sells about a half million a week, sold fewer than 400,000 copies, an insider with access to circulation reports told me.


The Post writer goes on to say that drops are also being experienced with other popular publications, such as Life & Style and Star. Publishers say the numbers are only dropping when they feature the Kardashians.

Interestingly enough, publishers seem to think it’s Kanye that is hurting the Kardashian’s popularity. However, media experts think the real issue is that the reality TV family is everywhere and the public has grown tired of them.


  1. Kanye gets on my last nerve, but he can’t take all the blame for this. People are sick of Kim and her family, and that doesn’t have much to do with Kanye.

    1. Please stop these fame whore pigs. They are disgusting and will do anything to stay in the public eye. Everyone hates them. The only people following them are idiots.

  2. Kim’s 15 were running out before she got with Kanye. That fake marriage to Kris was the last straw and people have hated her something serious ever since. If she had a real career or talent, she could take a break and come back with a new project. But she doesn’t. All she has is taking photo ops she plans for, photoshopping all of her pics, and whoring her baby out on Instagram every time people forget about her. She’s a sad case and Kanye has nothing to do with that.

  3. Typical blame Kanye West. I can’t stand Kanye but he is not too blame. People are tired of Kim and her trashy family. They must have forgot Kim’s sham of a marriage to Kris. I hope Kanye is paying attention because when this relationship blows he will get all of the blame.

  4. Did Kris Jenner write this? LOL! I knew they would throw Kanye’s simple a-s under the buzz when Kim’s popularity started to tank. This family is so predictable.

  5. South Park is what’s hurting her. They showed everyone the truth about Kim. She’s fake and now people know the truth. Her and Kanye are nothing more than clowns to people now. Even if she leaves him it won’t change anything. It’s done and the public is over her.

  6. Kim and her family are annoying attention whores who have played out the relevance long enough. They have been shoved down our throats so much that people are sick of them. The problem is overexposure for a family that has no talent to back up why they should be plastered everywhere. They overdid it and they are just about done. They know it and that’s why they are turning up the family drama on 10. I’m sure it will come out later that everything they do is scripted and for their reality show…divorces too.

  7. So now they want to blame the black man for why a family who had no business being famous in the first place can’t sell magazines? People are so stupid.

  8. They have no talent. None. They aren’t interesting because they have nothing to talk about. What does Kim do all day? SHOP. We see pictures of her shopping. That’s it. After a while, people get tired of reading about someone who does absolutely nothing. So they have nothing but family drama to keep people taking about them and even that isn’t all that interesting anymore. I’m sure the next move will be Kim and Kanye secretly getting married. Anything to save their 15 minutes. Smh.

  9. They are boring. What else can this family even do? They had enough divorces, weddings, and babies. There’s nothing left for them to do. Even a Kimye wedding and divorce won’t be interesting. I’m ready for them to go away. There’s more interesting people to talk about.

  10. Kim’s time has been up. That’s why she finally gave Kanye the time of day. And when the public grows tired of that relationship, she will move on to the next. But she’s getting too old to keep this going. She only has so many publicity stunts left that we could care about.

  11. Kim and her family won’t go away until that reality show is cancelled. That’s when E! and everyone else they pay to keep pushing them out here won’t keep promoting them.

  12. Oh thank goodness! I hope this is the beginning of the end of these people. I just want to go back to when celebrities with actual talent who were actually interesting cover all the magazines and blogs.

  13. LOL at them trying to blame Kanye. Kanye is the only reason we are still talking about them now. So he isn’t to blame at all. Nice try Kris.

  14. Doubt it. Kanye came in when the train wreck was already going down. She should have never married Kris just to divorce him 72 days. That was it for her. Now people know she’s fake and they just want her to go away. Kim can’t fix her image even if she wanted to.

  15. They are everywhere and they really shouldn’t be. Kanye doesn’t help her image, but Kim and her fam did their own damage. lol

  16. People are over the Kardashians period! They are famous for no reason at all and the only reason they got on is due to Kim’s ‘work’ on her back. No one even takes them seriously and I really think people are just getting tired of them and Kim and Kanye getting together just puts icing on the cake because he’s a cerified wack job thinking the Kardashians are so influential smfh ninja has seriously bumped his head. The more Kim and her family does to try and remain relevant i.e staged paparazi run ins, the more the public grows tired of them. I respect their hustle minded -ness but not the route they took to fame and the desperation to remain famous for being famous not due to natural talents. #JMO

  17. Please stop these fame whore pigs. They are disgusting and will do anything to stay in the public eye. Everyone hates them. The only people following them are idiots.

  18. FINALLY!!!! I can’t wait until they do go away! These people are so annoying. I’m so tired of seeing Kim’s butt and jacked-up, injected face everywhere. Their decline in popularity has nothing to do with Kanye. Kim is so selfish and self-obsessed so of course people are sick of her. She has no real talent, why do we have to keep hearing about them??!! Enough already!

  19. Leave her alone,her butt is so big the whole world needs to know about it,let her get back to her expensive A-s-vertising. LoL

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