Confirmed: Dwyane Wade Welcomes Baby Boy with Another Woman

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

For months it was rumored that the newly engaged Dwyane Wade had knocked another woman up while dating actress Gabrielle Union, and now his camp has confirmed that the athlete just had a baby boy with a mystery woman.

According to Entertainment Tonight Online, Wade had the baby while he was “on a break” from his relationship with Gabrielle Union, However, the baby was reportedly conceived while he was dating Union.

The couple has reportedly “worked through” the issue as a couple, and D Wade even spent time with the child recently.

The baby makes D Wade’s third child, he has two sons already from his previous marriage to ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches. He’s also raising his nephew as well.

There’s not much info yet on Dwyane Wade’s new baby mama, but he’s reportedly “known her for years.”


  1. This proves Gabrielle is ok with Wade cheating on her and this proves she is the weak woman that I always thought she was. Now the proposal makes sense. But as long as she can be Mrs. Dwyane Wade cheating,&self respect, self esteem & humiliation be damned.

  2. I don’t feel bad for Gabby at all. She knew he was a cheating scumbag when she slept with him while he was married! Meet Karma, Gabby. She’s a b-tch isn’t she?

  3. And this is why he proposed to her. I guess he figures this will make up for how trifling he did her. And Gabby is just taking it all because he is finally marrying her. Women we have got to do better. Smh.

  4. Gabby should call up LeBron’s wife and ask her how she deals with LeBron’s illegitimate children. Those Miami Heat players are a mess. *sips tea*

    1. She doesn’t care as long as she becomes Mrs. Dwyane Wade and is front and center with him. She is content with being a cheater.

  5. This is karma. I’m sure they will spin it and say it’s made them stronger and other lies. But it is what it is. Gabby knows he did her wrong and marriage won’t make it better. I’m sure he will keep on cheating. He did it to the last wife, he did it to Gabby. It won’t stop.

  6. The engagement has lost all of it’s value and the little respect it had from me. He obviously only proposed to make up for getting another woman pregnant. For Gabby to pretend she’s so smart, she’s pretty stupid for sticking around. This man has some serious issues and now Sio ain’t looking so crazy after all.

    1. That jank must be dipped in GOLD! Got these women losing their minds and willing to look stupid. I agree the engagement has lost what little respect it had from me. Gabby can do better…not sure she deserves it tho.

  7. Well Gabby has already become a step mom to his other kids, so I guess she doesn’t mind adding on another. Smh.

  8. Gabby is on her twitter telling “haters” to work on themselves before pointing the finger at Dwyane and their situation. She is really pathetic ain’t she. Low self esteem is real ladies.

    1. She is just trying to save face but no matter what she says she will always look like a fool. She has gone from being known as a homewrecker to now a fool.

  9. Wait….what?? But in the interview with Essence she talked about the break and said that the break was only like a day or 2 and even on this “break” they still talked. I don’t really care for either one of them honestly but I highly doubt this baby was conceived on this “break”. Now we know the true meaning behind his proposal when he asked “Will you marry US” b/c the new baby is surely included in “US”. Kinda feel for Gabby now…just a little bit

    1. I feel for her because this happened to me. It was hard to accept the child my ex conceived while I was away at college, but I eventually gave it up. I know this sounds selfish, but I don’t want to take care of another woman’s child. Whatever money I would have had coming into our home, would have went to her for child support. I really loved him, but it was time for me to move on. My ex and his wife are happy and I’m glad for the child’s shake they made it work, even if my heart got broken in the process. Gabby is a stronger woman than I could have ever been, because I just couldn’t do it any more.

  10. It’s funny I told my friends something was up in the air when Dwayne gave a shout out to his “beautiful black queen” at the BET awards this summer & everyone said I was just hating cause I don’t like gabby…. * sips tea*

  11. What the hell is a “break” if you supposed to be in relationship?! Child please! I bet it don’t feel so good now that the shoe’s on the other foot.

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