Shekinah Anderson Speaks out on Rumors Regarding T.I. and Tiny’s Marriage Problems

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day it was reported that T.I. and Tiny Harris were having marriage problems. The couple also didn’t help rumors much when they appeared to subliminally take shots at each other on their Instagram accounts.

In fact, a source even told Sandra Rose that they are in fact having some issues in the marriage and there are rumors floating around that it’s because T.I. allegedly slept with one of Tiny’s friends.

However, the couple’s close friend Shekinah Anderson took to her Instagram account to address the reports. And according to her, things are all good between Tiny and T.I. She posted the following photo and caption below:

shekinah instagram shekinah instagram 2


  1. I’m sure they will be ok. Every marriage has its problems but they have to chill with putting their business out on Instagram. That’s so ratchet to me.

  2. She’s a friend but she has no idea really what TI and Tiny go through in their marriage unless they tell her. And I doubt they tell her. I think they are having problems but I doubt they will ever split up. TI knows Tiny loved him when he had nothing and he’s not going to walk away from her because of that.

  3. I still think they might be having problems. The IG activity was pretty clear. But do I think they will divorce? Nah. They’ve gotten through problems before and they will again.

  4. So why won’t TIP and Tiny speak for themselves! It’s their marriage! The fact that they aren’t trying to clear things up makes me think the rumor is true!

    1. I disagree, like why they need to speak up? It’s their marriage and people gone think & say what they want. They shouldn’t have to make stuff clear to the people. Like I said, people sometimes read too much into other people relationships.

  5. I read somewhere else they have threesomes. If that’s true, it was only a matter of time before their marriage suffered and T.I. started doing things without Tiny. It happens all the time. That’s why you never agree to share your spouse with other people.

  6. In any and every type of relationship there are going to be issues at times. It all has its ups and downs, that’s natural, nothing and nobody is perfect. I seriously doubt that whatever people thought was going on wasn’t really going on. Nobody knows for sure if they were talking at each other or to someone else. For all we know it could of been something to give you miserable people that like to see people down something to talk about. (I’m just saying). People these days always tend to read so deep into something that’s really nothing, especially when it comes to someone else business. And that’s funny because they don’t do that much reading when it comes to their own relationships. #People #SMDH

  7. They will be alright I’m sure. When you’re famous, everything is scrutinized. That’s why it’s best not to post things that may be perceived to be referring to your marriage. People will talk about you. Hell that’s why we come on here, to talk about celebs and give our opinions on their business and careers. So let’s not pretend to be holier than thou…but anyway I’m rooting for them. They are on my list of favorite celeb couples.

  8. I just hope they make it through the rough patch. If TI doesn’t have a “break baby” out here, I’m hoping they get through it and stay married.

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