Nelly and Ashanti Back Together?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nelly and Ashanti back together? We guess we should have seen this coming when Ashanti boldly admitted that it was possible that she and Nelly could get back together in the future despite him dating Tae Heckard at the time, but now new reports are suggesting the on and off couple are officially back on.

According to the New York Post, Ashanti and Nelly were spotted getting cozy at New York club WIP in SoHo on Sunday night:

“Diddy and Rick needed extra room at the table for their furs,” said a source. “Ashanti and Nelly cuddled up next to them and complained Diddy and Rick’s furs took up their seats at every club all weekend.”

Ashanti and Nelly broke up last year, and despite her saying they’d never reconcile, they looked “happy to be back together,” a source added. On Saturday, Ross performed at LES hot spot Finale for a crowd including Marc Anthony and Marlon Wayans.


As far as Tae Heckard is concerned, she doesn’t seem to be too pleased that Nelly reportedly kicked her to the curb to reconcile with Ashanti. She’s been posting a few subliminal messages too:

tae nelly shade


Considering that Ashanti’s little sister dragged Tae not to long ago on Twitter and accused her of sleeping with Nelly while he was with Ashanti, we’re not surprised Ashanti’s fans have been dragging her on Instagram for the last 24 hours.


  1. This relationship just seems toxic to me. I really wish Ashanti would move on to someone who will treat her better. Oh well.

  2. So she took him back after he dogged her out and didn’t even claim her. She needs to work on her self esteem.

  3. These two don’t know what they want to do. All I know is Nelly probably hasn’t changed any which means she will have the same problems she’s always had with him.

  4. Ashanti and Tae are both stupid. If a man could drop a woman he was with for years so fast what makes Tae think she wouldn’t be dropped faster lol. Ashanti just wasting more years on Nelly. I always knew Nelly was a lame when he really wanted Beyonce but she didn’t want him so he settled for second best at the time who was Ashanti.

  5. Ok but Ashanti has fans to drag someone on twitter tho? That’s the most interesting thing I pulled from this……

  6. I like Ashanti but she’s not making a good decision here. Nelly isn’t very mature and didn’t even want to claim her all those years they were together. But he claimed Tae immediately. I feel like she’s wasting years on a man that isn’t marriage material. But best of luck to them both anyway.

  7. Tae girl go sit down some where, you have no class @ all and so childish wo does that make stupid face’s grow up, Ashanti is Beautiful and a true lady with class any man be glad to have her, don’t get mad @ my girl because nelly and Ashanti look better together than you and nelly he know’s who he want and it not you get you another woman better yet be gone and get your life. they are a couple made in heaven she was @ the party with him not you. luv u the beautiful Ashanti.

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