Did T.I. Cheat on Tiny & Have a Baby Outside the Marriage?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

T.I. and Tiny were rumored to be having marriage issues last week, but T.I. told TMZ the issue was so petty that they decided to work things out. Tiny even took to Instagram recently to send her hubby a sexy message, but insiders close to the couple are still claiming that their marriage is on the rocks despite their efforts at damage control.

In fact, blogger Funky Dineva is reporting that T.I. and Tiny actually got into an altercation on the red carpet of the Grammys and that’s allegedly why T.I. moved swiftly to tell TMZ that things were good and the issue was a minor one. However, Funky Dineva says the red carpet drama was not minor and it is actually a result of T.I. cheating on Tiny and fathering a baby with another woman:

If you are wondering why T.I.’s people are so pressed to keep things under wraps, just follow the money and you can deduce why. First off, with the assistance of T.I. and The Family Hustle, T.I. has been able to completely change his image and public perception of his dope boy rap star past. A more wholesome image opened T.I. and The Harris Clan up to a slew of dollars provided by advertisers for his new found mass appeal. Overnight, this could all come crashing down if this “image” is shattered. Well, don’t let them cute high yella children on VH1 fool you. T.I. & Tiny are a far cry from Bill & Claire. The truth of the matter is the crux of T.I. & Tiny’s recent issues stem from the baby T.I. has fathered outside of their marriage. Those closest to T.I. & Tiny are keeping it cute, but the Atlanta streets and big mouth members of T.I. & Tiny’s camp are talking. I’m told the baby is definitely less than a year old. So there it is…



Of course this has not been confirmed or denied by T.I. or Tiny. So we have to label this as gossip. But the interesting thing is Funky Dineva is very good friends with Kandi Burruss.


  1. I really thought TI was smarter than this. Why can’t these men consider their families and wives before they go out and do these things?

  2. I can’t say I’m surprised. I like these two together but there have been rumors of them having threesomes and well usually threesomes end with someone stepping out and having a child outside their marriage. Open marriages rarely work out.

  3. I’ve lost a lot of respect for TI. Tiny has had his back forever even before he had a rap career. To put her through this was selfish and down right wrong.

  4. Well you can’t invite people into your bedroom and then expect your husband not to stray! Sorry Tiny girl! But you were stupid for agreeing to that like it would keep him loyal!

  5. WOW. For some reason I just thought T.I. would be smarter than this. So is Tiny really going to stay with him after this? I couldn’t do it. I’d be done. But whatever.

  6. If their brand was so important to TI, he should have kept his paynus in his pants. Now he is out here looking trifling as hell.

  7. Tiny get some dignity about yourself and leave this cheating fool! For all she knows he may have a STD! Gross!

  8. Sigh…this is just terrible. And why was he down with sleeping with another woman with no protection? What was he smoking?

  9. This doesn’t shock me. I always believed he slept around. Eventually he was going to lay down with one of those women who believes in poking holes in condoms and freezing sperm. He’s an idiot.

  10. Very selfish of TI. But I would be surprised if Tiny actually left him over this. It’s like she doesn’t think she can live without him or something.

  11. Wow not too shocking if its true. I would say lots of cheating going on with hollywood couples. I just wonder if this marriage will S U R V I V E this strom. I seen someone post to TI stop cheating. I wonder when people see that cheating Dishonores the marriage.

  12. What man doesnt or has never cheated??! TI is stupid though he has probably been sleeping around behind her back but as the old saying goes whats done in the dark will eventually come to light. He should’ve used 2 condoms and some spermicide! And what man goes to a strip club on the regular with or without you and not want to test the merchandise. Come on now TI is a man but he’s still a man!!! I believe its true because Tiny looks so hurt in the face now like her heart has been crushed and TI is looking crazy like a rat with his head caught in a trap!

  13. I don’t think it’s fair to say all famous people (or men in general)cheat. I do agree with the person that said being a “ride-or-die” chick is overrated. Cheating is at an all-time high; probably always has been and always will be. And while no one relationship is ever the same, I feel that the common denominator in most relationships involving infidelity is character. At some point, people will always show you who they are and what they’re made of. T.I. made his fair share of mistakes, and he’s done a really good job of cleaning up his image or whatever. But something is to be said about the type of person that risks their freedom and time with their family for things like guns and drugs. I’m not so much surprised that he cheated because he’s the ideal husband….. I’m more so surprised because of the message this sends to his children. People don’t think about the impact their decisions have on others……

  14. Baby please! Let’s keep it Beautiful…Tiny found out something at that red carpet event or TI said something stupid that didn’t get the response he was looking for. Since when does TI not want to walk the red carpet?? Any-who, with Tiny seemingly being a down to earth chick without all those highfalutin’ airs she decided to let him have it right where he showed out. You wanna act a fool on this red carpet? That’s how you feel? Well, let me show how I get down. I’m not saying that’s the truth, I’m sayin’ in my mind, that’s how it all went down.
    Girl Bye

    1. Im sorry but i love me sum tip …but yea it was kind of bold he so calld had another babe on her but sh-t wat he think the b-tch wasnt go keep the baby sorry BIN REAL I DAMN SHO WOULD OF KEEP IT

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