Indiana Pacers Player Paul George Offers to Pay Model to Get Rid of Baby?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Professional athletes and scandal goes hand in hand these days. In fact, it’s not unheard of for some of their mistresses and side chicks to put them on full blast and get their business on the gossip blogs when they feel they have been crossed.

Indiana Pacers player Paul George is learning that right now as his alleged side chick reached out to Baller Alert and she claims the athlete offered to pay her $1 million to get rid of the baby she’s carrying. He’s reportedly in a serious relationship with Doc Rivers’ daughter.

The blog writes:

Daniela, a stripper/model from Miami, is roughly 7 months pregnant with Paul George’s baby. Daniela isn’t new to the world of ballers. She was rumored to have messed around with Lil Wayne in the past and can be found frequenting Heat games. Here’s where it gets messy. Daniela and George go back at least to over the summer of 2013 where they were spotted at a mansion party together. When Paul George, who is currently dating Doc Rivers’ daughter Callie, found out Daniela was carrying his child he allegedly offered Daniela a million dollars to get an abortion. Needless to say she didn’t get one because just 2 weeks ago Daniela posted to her Instagram that she’s having a GIRL!

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Paul George’s camp hasn’t addressed the rumor as of yet, but if true he won’t be the first (or last) athlete to offer to pay to have a baby from a side chick aborted.


  1. I hate to hear athletes doing this. If they don’t want kids with these women, then A) don’t sleep with them without a condom B) Or just don’t sleep with them at all. But to offer them money to abort the child is just evil. How will he explain this to his kid when they grow up? Smh.

  2. He’s an idiot. Why won’t these men wear condoms and dispose of the condoms themselves to prevent this issue? Even MJ was smart and got clipped so he wouldn’t get caught up. He didn’t reverse the surgery until he got married for the second time.

  3. These athletes will never learn. If she’s not good enough to have kids with, don’t have unprotected sex with her. Why is that so hard to understand? LOL.

  4. Now why would she terminate the baby for one million dollars when she can stand to make more in child support payments? lmbo

  5. He’s not a real man. He wants her to get an abortion because he’s in a serious relationship with a woman he feels is marriage material? He should have thought about that before he smashed.

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