New Petition Calls for George Zimmerman/DMX Celebrity Boxing Match to Be Stopped

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

There’s a lot of people outraged that the day before what would have been Trayvon Martin’s 19th birthday, it has now been confirmed by TMZ that his killer George Zimmerman will step in the ring for a celebrity boxing match to take on rapper DMX.

While we’re still a little confused as to when George Zimmerman officially got the “celebrity” label and feels he needs constant attention, his camp claims the money he makes from the match will go to charity.

But people aren’t buying it and they want the boxing match to be stopped.

In fact, a new petition on has already amassed thousands of signatures in hopes to make sure the fight never happens.

The petition’s founder Dedicated to Justice writes:

It’s a scary time we live in when a child murderer and domestic abuser is granted celebrity status and the opportunity to make money off the blood and tears of his victims. Sadly that’s exactly what we’re seeing, as news broke that George Zimmerman has been chosen to fight in a televised Celebrity Boxing Match slated for March 1, according to reports.

While the allure of such a spectacle may be strong for many, we must all be mindful of the fact that each person who tunes in would be contributing to the ratings that will help line Zimmerman’s pockets. After the hysteria has died down he’ll be richer (as will whoever fights him) and we’ll be his investors, not to mention perpetuators of his false celebrity status.


There’s also a petition floating around too.


  1. I read about this mess and it makes me sick to my stomach. Thank you UB for posting this petition I just signed. I won’t be supporting this child killer for anything especially something he can benefit from. People are so stupid this man is drowning in debt and this celebrity match is giving him exactly what he wants money and notoriety.

  2. Zimmerman is mocking Trayvon’s death. He is a cold hearted and racist MURDERER and he doesn’t care how any of this makes Trayvon’s parents feel. You reap what you sow though. Believe that.

  3. We live in a very sick world. This man is a murderer, but he’s getting celebrity treatment? What’s next, a reality show? SMDH

  4. I’ve seen this circulating on my timelines for quite some time now. At first, the pictures I saw said he would be fighting The Game. And now, DMX. Either way, this is sickening. Some people are looking at this as revenge, or an opportunity for some sort of payback for Trayvon’s death. Aside from the foolishness of it all, this makes a complete mockery of all the work and effort that was put into bringing this man to justice (which was a fail by the way). After the fight, then what? George is still free and Trayvon is still another innocent life lost at the hands of a racist coward. I can’t even speak on whoever even thought this idea up, because I’m too disgusted at the fact that our people somehow think this is a good thing. Why not be outraged that he’s WILLING to fight in a “celebrity match” but opted to kill an unarmed teenager because he was getting his butt kicked and claimed he couldn’t fight back? Why not get outraged at the fact that a man guilty of murder and domestic violence is now being hailed as a “celebrity?” As a people, we are so far gone.

    On a happier note, happy 19th birthday to Trayvon.

    1. I agree 100%! That’s why I said people are so stupid looking forward to this boxing match so what if GZ might get his ass whooped. People are not following the end game he is trying to stay in the spotlight and get his self out of debt. It just baffles me how people are quick to forget that a boy is dead at the hands of this monster. Not only to mention Trayvon Martin’s parents are continually mocked and ridiculed by this monster.

      1. Right. It serves as a constant reminder…. And honestly I didn’t even think about that initially. How his parents must feel when they see/hear these types of things. I just pray they remain strong in faith as they were during the trial. It’s easy to lose sight sometimes of Who really has the final say. Karma shows no favortism.

  5. I just signed both. That Change one has almost 20,000 signatures. I’m glad someone made a petition and people are speaking up.

  6. I just read that the promoter was on CNN saying this is not going to be a charity event like the Zimmerman camp was trying to make it seem. So after expenses, Zimmerman would once again be benefiting financially off Trayvon’s death. I was originally all for the match just to see him get his a-s whooped. But after reading some of these comments, acknowledging a side of the coin that I’d not even thought about, I have to say that I’ve now changed my mind.

    Thank you to all those who laid out the argument against having this match, and how it would be disrespectful to Trayvon’s memory.

  7. This petition is so important. Supporters of this farce are playing checkers and Zimmerman is playing chess. This fight nor anything else that will ever benefit the murderous one in any way, shape, form or fashion should be allowed. Profiting from the death of another should never be allowed to occur.

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