Photo: Evelyn Lozada Shows off Her Fiance Carl Crawford

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

With a baby on the way and a wedding to plan, Evelyn Lozada’s life has changed drastically since the end to her short-lived marriage with Chad Ochocinco.

Evelyn is engaged to be married to Los Angeles Dodgers player Carl Crawford and the reality star couldn’t be happier with her relationship these days.

Not too long after Evelyn showed off a photo from her pregnancy shoot with the athlete, she’s now taking to her Instagram account to show off her man.

For her #MCM (Man Crush Monday) this week, Evelyn decided to give praise to her boo. Check out the screenshot obtained by Bossip below:

evelyn lozada carl crawford instagram


  1. Eh not my type I bet he isn’t Evelyn’s type either but that money though. Evelyn got more miles on her than 57 chevy and is still getting wifed up still amazes me.

  2. He has a very nice body. But it’s so high school to me when people pick their boos for MCM and WCW. Um duh! Of course you’re supposed to be crushing on them. You’re in a relationship. LOL.

    1. Me either but it’s what people do now. I think I only have like three pictures on my Instagram account. Fail I know. lol

  3. Side angles & black and white shots does wonders. Still a ‘thumbs down’. *sings Dieon Sanders, ‘Must Be The Money!’*

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