BBWLA Beef: Sundy Carter Comes for Draya, Draya Claps Back

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is there a Draya and Sundy Carter beef in the works? It sure does appear that way. Recently, “Basketball Wives LA” newbie Sundy Carter made some not so nice comments about her cast mate Draya Michele, and Sundy basically made it clear that she doesn’t think Draya is making as much money as she claims she is.

Sundy tells C Nikky:

“I feel like she’s faking it until she makes it because everything she does is just so, not authentic. It’s just not real. You know, she portrays things like, you’re the ambassador of this that and the third, when you’re not even getting a check…I know the ambassador for these companies you understand what I’m saying? You don’t get a check for that. Um, so until you do, I need you to post your pay stub and show me. Show me, show me the money! You know? So, I feel like BUSTED. Because I don’t knock anybody’s hustle either. You know, I get the fact that she’s an ex-stripper and you know she had to be on all fours and beg for ones and that sort of thing. But, moving right along in her faking it until she makes it and coming into the season of Basketball Wives, and how she came on which I believe as and actress? Which never went anywhere. But, um I don’t know where that storyline went? But, um that’s another thing. A fake it till you make it type situation. So, it’s kinda of like, it’s a busted situation all around the board. I mean, I don’t condone living off of other men and you know that sort of thing. I just don’t know? I’m gonna leave it right there because I don’t want to sound like a hater because I don’t want to knock anybody’s hustle. If that’s your hustle to live off your man, do that. But, I would prefer to get my own.”


Draya didn’t appreciate the jabs thrown her way and she called out Sundy on Twitter (read tweets from bottom to top):

draya sundy carter beef 3
draya sundy carter beef 2
draya sundy carter beef


  1. Isn’t Sundy the same chick that tweeted a photo of her teenage daughter giving her bf a blow job? Um, I think she needs to worry more about her terrible parenting skills than how much money Draya makes.

  2. Who cares? Both of these “women” are terrible mothers! Yet they are more worried about being popular on a ratchet reality show! Disgusting!

  3. I guess I need to stop playing Draya so hard because she’s right. None of these people have a storyline without her. She runs this sh-t. It’s the same thing with Kenya Moore. She’s nothing without NeNe. LMAO!

  4. Am I the only person who recognized Sundy immediately? She played Beans(Beanie Sigel) girlfriend/baby mother in State Property with Jay Z, Damon Dash, and all of them. Besides a little weight gain she still look the same and still have that extreme chicken head voice as she had then lmao!

  5. I definitely no fan of Draya but Sundy sounds real bitter in that interview. But they get paid to initiate drama so go for it I guess *shrugs*

  6. she is literally begging draya to show her how much money she has? despicable. that’s like a straight woman begging another straight woman to show her how good her pu55y is. LOL


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