Rumor Control: Kimora Lee Simmons’ New Husband Revealed

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day social media blew up after Birdman of Cash Money Records called Kimora Lee Simmons the love of his life on his Instagram account, so it’s not surprising that people began wondering if the two celebs were dating.

Kimora has been quiet about the gossip surrounding the Instagram post, but now it appears her ex-husband Russell Simmons is setting the record straight on her behalf.

In fact, Russell took to Twitter earlier today to tell everyone that Kimora is actually a married woman again. She reportedly tied the knot to investment banker Tim Leissner. He tweets (read tweets from bottom to top):

russell simmons twitter


This makes Kimora’s second marriage. She was never legally married to Djimon Hounsou.


  1. If I was Kimora’s new husband I’d have some questions for her right now like why is some man named Birdman calling you you the love of his life?

  2. Just from the outside looking in it just seems like Birdman was trying to put Kimora on blast because they may be messing around despite her being “married” now. And as usual, Russell does all her damage control. He tweeted it in such a snaky way too like he was mad Birdman blew her spot up.

  3. Yeah I wouldn’t be comfortable with any man calling my woman the love of his life on such a public platform as Instagram. But aight.

  4. Is she really married or is she “spiritually married” again? You just never know with Kimora. She’s still fab tho.

  5. So the man she was with during the holidays is who she is married to now. Interesting. Well that sure doesn’t explain why Bridman did what he did. If anything she’s looking kind of scandalous right now.

  6. That’s not a good look for her to be involved with too many different men. When she has her daughters and she is a role model for many young and up and coming models. When you have daughters you have to be an example for them. Russell was right to throw water on the fire he is looking out for his daughters, having to deal with other children who read the internet.

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