NeNe Leakes Does ‘The View,’ Whoopi Goldberg is Not Here for Kenya Moore

Photo Credit: ABC
Photo Credit: ABC

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes appeared on “The View” this morning, and she stopped by to talk about the latest drama on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Although we thought she would spend most of her time there discussing her charity drama with Kenya Moore, it appears Barbara Walters and company were more interested in NeNe’s lavish wedding ring.

In fact, little was really said about Kenya besides NeNe once again stating that she felt Kenya was wrong for not calling her and giving her the specific details of the charity event she was holding in NeNe’s “honor.”

When Sherri Shepherd asked NeNe how she feels about Kenya threatening to leave the show, she says:

“Really girl? You haven’t worked in ten years.”

But one of the funniest moments was when NeNe was asked about Marlo Hampton. When Marlo’s name came up, NeNe promptly said:


NeNe then went on to remind the hosts that Marlo is not a housewife (shade). And Kenya’s fans are outraged since Jenny McCarthy and Whoopi kept referring to NeNe as the star of the show and the most popular housewife. Kenya took to Twitter to express her outrage for not getting an invite to tell her side.

And when it comes to where she stands with all the ladies now, NeNe says she is still not cool with Kenya and right now she doesn’t consider any of the other housewives as friends (sounds like that was a jab to Cynthia Bailey).

But the shadiest part of it all was when the camera crew was cutting to a commercial break, and Whoopi Goldberg began chatting with NeNe after the interview (although the conversation was picked up by the mic) and she told NeNe that Kenya Moore is annoying and she wants her to go.


Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Well there’s always the reunion, right? Check out the clip below:


  1. I really thought she would say more. But whatever, it was cool to see her be chill and not take everything so seriously. She was likable again for me in this interview.

    1. Because they are Team NeNe. They have dealt with NeNe for years. They don’t know Kenya like that. And that’s the problem. Kenya is trying to take down someone who has been in the game for a good minute, and she still has no ties in Atlanta. She just doesn’t get it. NeNe ain’t going nowhere. I don’t even know what Kenya was thinking about if she thought she could get NeNe off the show.

      1. I’m sure that if Nene were NICE to Kenya, Kenya would have welcomed the friendship. Nene is making herself look bad.

        1. Now let’s see…Kenya told Phaedra while she was pregnant that she would knock her teeth out. She tried to fight Porsha and told her she would punch her in the face. Kenya has flirted with marred men on the show, oh and she threatened to use her gun on the other housewives. She stole Phaedra’s business idea, made fun of Kandi’s weight gain and used a charity to get back at NeNe. I’d say Miss USA has done quite the job of making herself look bad too. In fact, she’s managed to ruin her pageant legacy for a little bitty Bravo paycheck when she should have been smart enough to go the Vanessa Williams route instead. #ClassDismissed

  2. Kenya was salty as hell she didn’t get an invite! LMAO! And even if she does now, NeNe got on first and has been on that show many times. Sorry Kenya but you ain’t and will never be the queen bee on RHOA! Get over it bish!

    1. The real shade Nene was on The View 4 mins. She spent 2.5 of those minutes talking about Kenya. A real star appears on talk shows to promote their projects and speak about themselves.

      1. Wow you Kenya fans are just as delusional as your lord and savior Kenya! I watched the same video and Kenya was only talked about for about 30 seconds when they asked what happened with the charity. Hell Sherri and them spent more time talking about Kandi and Mama Joyce. Barbara was more interested in NeNe’s ring and her marriage to Gregg. Jenny was too busy giving NeNe props and telling her she is still the queen bee and the most popular housewife. That’s why yall are in yall feelings because yall thought NeNe was a nonfactor. But here’s the real shade, Kenya is only being talked about BECAUSE OF NENE. Notice how when Kenya beefed with everyone else no one was checking for her last season. Now what kind of star is she really? She can’t even make a real come up without NeNe’s name. And she was Miss USA too. How sad! LMBO!

          1. Yet you left another comment. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t keep coming back on here checking for me. By the way, only illiterate idiots classify ten sentences as an essay. You Kenya stans are weak! Y’all always run away from facts just like Kenya! Step your game up. LMBO!

      2. And do you know how many times NeNe has been on The View? NeNe has even hosted the show. Meanwhile Kenya hasn’t ever been on there at all and has to beg for an invite on Twitter. But she’s the new star right? LMBO!

      3. No, the real shade is Kenya Moore went from being Miss USA to being on RHOA. She’s already lost. Talk about downgrading.

  3. This is what Kenya needed to see. She really thought she was going to run NeNe off the show and become some big star but she can’t come in and undo what NeNe has done in six seasons. It doesn’t work that way. NeNe is still the bigger star. Bloop.

  4. I love me some NeNe but that was a pointless interview. I think she only went on there to remind Kenya who still runs things. Oh the shade of it all. LOL.

  5. BHAHAHA! Kenya got served right finally. Whoopi always speaks the truth and this was no different. NeNe is the star of RHOA and that is the truth so Kenya delusional fans need to wake up. Kenya now has the most delusional stans not Rihanna anymore because they are my homies now lol. Thanks Queen for the heads up earlier.

    1. Girl I laughed so hard. Kenya got shaded by almost everyone. Jenny kept calling NeNe the most popular housewife and asked NeNe if she thought Kenya was jealous of her (burn), Sherri said Kenya was wrong for the charity fiasco, Whoopi said she’s annoying and needs to go and Barbara was more interested in NeNe’s wedding ring than talking about Kenya. Too funny.

  6. Kenya really thought all these new fans meant something. Nah bruh. NeNe been the head chick since season one. Sit down Kenya.

  7. I prefer NeNe over Kenya. I’ve been riding with NeNe since the first season and I plan to keep rooting for her. I love her personality.

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