NeNe Leakes & Marlo Hampton Drag Each Other on Twitter

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

So did anyone catch the NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton Twitter beef last night? If you tuned in to last night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” then you know NeNe and Marlo’s “friendship” got rocky after NeNe learned Marlo befriended her current enemy Kenya Moore behind her back.

While Kenya claims her new “friendship” with Marlo is very real, many took to social media to accuse Kenya of only befriending Marlo to get under NeNe’s skin, kind of like why she put together that charity event that ended in nothing but drama the previous episode.

But things got even worse at Cynthia Bailey’s “Bailey Bowl.” After Kenya invited Marlo to join “Team Twirl,” Marlo decided it was appropriate to keep chasing NeNe down and demanding to know why she wasn’t invited to join “Team Rich” with the rest of NeNe’s bridesmaids. We’re guessing the whole point of Marlo chasing NeNe down like a Chihuahua was to get a reaction out of NeNe who continued to walk away and ignore her insults.

At one point, both Marlo and Kenya ran up on NeNe causing an unnecessary scene at Cynthia’s event, but when Marlo didn’t get any answers out of NeNe, she then cried into Kenya’s arms although multiple viewers took to Twitter to ponder why they didn’t see any actual tears fall down Marlo’s cheeks.

Regardless, both NeNe and Marlo decided to have a Twitter beef shortly after the episode aired.

NeNe tweets (read from bottom to top):

nene leakes twitter 2
nene leakes twitter

And Marlo responds (read tweets from bottom to top):

marlo hampton twitter 3
marlo hampton twitter 2
marlo hampton twitter

Apparently NeNe called Marlo Saturday night, but NeNe claims that was completely on accident. Either way, it’s pretty clear these two won’t be “friends” ever again.

As for NeNe not giving Marlo what she wanted and walking away from a fight, we have to say we’re glad she didn’t. There’s been enough violence this season, do you agree? And we all know if NeNe and Marlo did end up fighting, a petition demanding Bravo cancels the show would start making rounds on social media in no time.


Regardless, we’re sure producer Carlos King is delighted with how ratchet this season of RHOA has been thus far. He’s been boasting about it on Twitter.


  1. Marlo is so full of it. Honestly, all three of them (NeNe, Kenya and Marlo) are too old to be so childish. I’m embarrassed for all of them.

  2. “And we all know if NeNe and Marlo did end up fighting, a petition demanding Bravo cancels the show would start making rounds on social media in no time.” – BINGO. So true.

  3. I thought the whole point of Kenya’s little schemes were to make NeNe a non factor? Does Kenya not see that she’s made NeNe even more relevant? I thought Kenya was supposed to be smart.

    1. Kenya overplayed her hand. She should have stopped at the charity fiasco. But no, she wanted to go in for the kill but now it’s so transparent what she’s really trying to do. It’s pretty desperate to me because in the end she’s only made NeNe an important part of the show once again. You don’t help your enemies, and she’s helping NeNe more than hurting her.

      1. Nene over played her hand, with that fake scamming charity crap. The majority has been tipped in Kenya’s favor. Nene will soon be remembered like yesterday’s turd. A big flush down the toilet bowl. And rightfully so. Bye Felicia!

        1. “Chile bye?” Ugh, you’re one of those. Look, you and Kenya are going to be severely disappointed when NeNe comes back next season. What you and your master don’t seem to understand is making NeNe more relevant only secures her return to the show next season. If Kenya was smart, she would have worked towards making NeNe a non factor and made sure people stop talking about NeNe. But instead Miss Dummy keeps NeNe’s name going. Kenya doesn’t know how to play the game. You think Bravo or Andy Cohen gives a crap about a charity or fraudulent one at that? It’s really simple when it comes to reality television. Those that stay in the drama get an invite back. Those that don’t get talked about don’t. It’s not about who is loved the most. Being hated brings in the same opportunities. That’s why Kenya was invited back after her first season despite people hating her in large numbers. Thanks for helping NeNe secure her spot for the next season. I and others on here thank you because we actually like her. LOL. Stay delusional though.

  4. Marlo sit your prostitutin a-s down! You have no room to talk about anyone when you sell your c–ch for designer clothes!

  5. Now why would NeNe fight Marlo, the felon? Doesn’t that old hooker carry knives on her daily just so she can be ready to cut a bish? That’s what cowards do when they can’t really fight, they use weapons. NeNe ain’t trying to get stabbed over some washed up reality star’s ploy for more camera time.

  6. So how will Kenya deflect and spin the fact she was once again flirting with Apollo in the next couple of episodes? Come on Team Twirl, defend your home wrecking idol. :-/

    1. Kenya can keep showing them how low down she is and they will still make excuses for her while they bash NeNe for lesser bad calls. lol

  7. Last night was funny. Marlo and Kenya were running after NeNe like two little children just hoping she would take the bait and fight. NeNe ain’t stupid. She knows fighting would ruin everything she’s worked for in six seasons. Kenya has nothing to lose because she’s already disgraced herself enough, and Marlo is a criminal so she has nothing to lose either.

  8. I know it was the right thing to do for Nene to walk away but I wish she would have slapped the taste out of Marlo’s mouth. I can’t stand her.

  9. It’s sad to see these 40 plus year old women being puppets for these producers who can care less about them. The money can’t be that good to sell your soul.

  10. I applaud NeNe for being smart enough to walk away as Kenya and Marlo baited her to fight. I just hope Kenya realizes that she looks dumber than anyone else on the show because she was Miss USA like 20 years ago. It’s hard for her to say she’s classy and a role model when she’s stooping so low for camera time on this reality show. I’m sure Vanessa Williams is sitting back and thanking God she wasn’t as foolish. That’s why Vanessa is respected and gets real acting roles today. She made a choice to be classy and remained that way.


  12. This show is going down the tubes. So sad because I’ve been watching since season one. I think I have to stop watching now. Just too much negativity. I guess they are trying to appeal to the young and immature adults who think fighting and petty beefs is entertainment.

  13. Here’s my observations. Marlo was doing the most last night. If Nene was really her girl, she would have talked to Nene and told her how she felt some other time. But the fact that she did it at Cynthia’s event while the cameras were rolling shows she just acted up because she wanted screen time. And they are all grown. Why be pressed if Nene says she’s done with you? Get a life and move on. I’ll be damned if I chase another woman around for deciding she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. Marlo embarrassed herself. Period.

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