T-Pain Says Women Should Agree to Open Marriages to Keep Husbands Faithful

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

T-Pain has already been clear that he believes it is good for married couples to invite other people inside their bedrooms, but he doesn’t like to refer to the lifestyle choice as having an open marriage. But now the rapper is telling women that they should agree to the same terms his wife does to keep their husbands faithful.

He tells VLAD TV:

“Oh yeah, that’s fun. I don’t know why people don’t do that more often. That’s weird. People should do that. Females should do that. Like, keep your man. At least he’s doing the sh*t in front of you. I’m not saying your c**chie is boring, I’m just saying if you get boring to your man maybe you wanna spice things up. That’s not what a dude wants, just like you don’t want a girl in there but something gotta happen. And dudes are usually the superior of the relationships and things like that. Just do something.

“At least kiss a b*tch in front of him and then go home. Just don’t go to the strip club and want to be the cool b*tch like, ‘I always party with my man. I do everything with my man. We smoke weed. We do everything.’ B*tch if you gon’ do everything, then do what he want too. You can’t go out to eat and then go home and sit in the bed and be on Twitter all night. That’s terrible. Bring another b*tch in there and y’all can tweet what y’all doing in there.

“All these b*tches is like, ‘I ain’t letting my n*gga f*ck another b*tch.’ Baby he doing it already anyways. He’s already doing it. Just because you’re not letting him do it doesn’t mean he’s not doing it. He’s already doing it. You might as well have him do it with you.”



  1. Sigh…all I can say is I appreciate the good moments I had to T-Pain’s music during my college days. But I cannot with this right here. Goodnight.

  2. Once again T-pain is talking to keep himself relevant. First it was the rant of the autotune now here we go with this open marriage talk. No thanks T-pain I’m not getting sucked into your trap you are staying irrelevant in my book.

  3. It’s really sad to hear a grown man talk like this and even sadder to know he’s actually someone’s husband.

  4. “And dudes are usually the superior of the relationships and things like that.” —— Between that and his constant need to refer to women as b*tches, I think it’s very clear that T-Pain should shut the hell up.

  5. But I bet he never agrees to let another man in his bedroom now does he? His wife needs to get a backbone. How you cosigning your man getting another woman in the bedroom but he won’t let you get another man? Chicks stay playing themselves just to say they have a husband.

    1. TPain discovered his wife had a girlfriend & was no after returning from a tour, SHE convinced him to have an open marriage not the other way around he talked about it 4-5 years ago in an interview on the web & he alluded to it on a documentary on TV 2-3 years ago about him & his dad, because he didn’t know his wife was creeping with her bio while he was on tour, they decided because they had a child that they would let each other know when they were going to be smashing others so it wouldn’t be cheating or unfaithful if it was out in the open so he shares his wife’s lovers.

  6. TPain has daddy issues and they have just followed him into adulthood. Had his dad been around, he’d understand that real men are not animals and we can control our sexual urges. And we don’t agree to share our wives with anyone. That’s what you do with jumpoffs in your drunken college days. He needs to learn how to lay down the pipe so he and his wife aren’t bored in the bedroom.

  7. Well Paula and many other women have agreed to open marriages and they still couldn’t “keep” their men so I’ll pass. Thanks.

  8. Oh please. Is this all he talks about now? Now we have all seen what happens to the folks who brag on having an open marriage. If he keeps this up he will also be headed for divorce.

  9. I really wish he would stop talking about this. It’s distracting people from his music. Where is his publicist?

  10. It’s funny he says these things but didn’t he have baby outside of his marriage by a stripper. I know I read that somewhere a little minute ago. Anyhoo, these fools should stop talking about relationships, marriage and anywhere in between because they do not have that area covered.

  11. Ever since his father cheated on his mother, he thinks that this “solution” would fix any problem of straying away. He really needs to grow up. Eventually she is going to get tired of sharing and when he has a kid outside of the marriage because it is GOING to happen, he’ll be in for a rude awakening.

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