Mathew Knowles’ Baby Mama Says She Doesn’t Hold Beyonce Accountable for His Deadbeat Ways

Photo Credit: MOVI, Inc.
Photo Credit: MOVI, Inc.

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mathew Knowles’ former mistress Alexsandra Wright has been battling Beyonce’s dad over child support payments for several months. And according to Alexsandra, he owes her over $30k in missed child support payments.

Although she allegedly told the media she didn’t understand why Beyonce and Solange haven’t met their little brother Nixon, she now wants to make it clear that she doesn’t hold Beyonce accountable for her father’s actions and failure to meet his own son.

She tells Inside Edition:

“I don’t expect Beyonce to take accountability. It’s not her problem. It’s not her situation.

“I’m going to stand up and I’m going to fight, and I’m going to fight the next day because that’s the only way to give him his identity.”


Alexsandra also claims that Mathew originally told her he wanted Nixon to be raised by Beyonce and Jay Z before Blue Ivy was conceived.

Check out the video below:


  1. Oh here she goes. Doing all these interviews won’t make that man be a father to that child. And that is just the sad truth. Enough already.

  2. I think she thought she would get some of that Beyonce money when she was sleeping with him while he was married. But karma on flipped the script on her and she’s mad. Look Mathew does need to do better, but I can’t act like this ain’t her karma.

  3. Bish sit down! You’re only getting interviews because of Beyonce! You’re not the only woman who got pregnant by a loser! Go away!

  4. Mathew ought to be ashamed of himself but if I were her, I’d get off my butt and get a job. If the father won’t provide, I am going to do what I have to do. Just saying.

  5. I’m tired of hearing about this. The truth is she is getting what she deserves for messing with a married man. The only person I feel sorry for is the child. He couldn’t help how ratchet his parents were in going about all of this.

  6. Well she can’t hold Bey responsible because Bey wasn’t the one that laid down and conceived the child. Her best bet would be to leave Bey’s name out of this. To keep mentioning Bey just makes her look like someone looking for attention.

  7. Why is Beyonce’s name constantly flying out this chick’s mouth? She’s acting like Beyonce owes her more than frost for helping to break her parents up. Chile please go get a job and quit gold-digging! And who the hell is encouraging this idiot to give interviews like she’s got something we want to hear?

  8. Ummm was she supposed to be holding Beyonce accounting for her dad acting an a-s? Bey and Solo had nothing to do with her getting knocked up by her dad or him choosing not to be apart of his sons life. And as far as the claim of Bey and Jay taking care of her son before Blue came about is laughable! Chile please! She wasn’t even speaking to her dad and was beyond angry (rightfully so) at what he did to her mother so why on Earth would she agree to raising that child? #girlbye

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