Mathew Knowles Reveals the Genders of Beyonce and Jay Z’s Unborn Twins?

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mathew Knowles is no stranger to telling his superstar daughter Beyonce’s private business in an interview, and now he may have just revealed the gender of the twins.

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  1. I think Bey gave him the information she was ok with him telling. She pretty much told us what she’s having with the main picture she shared on Instagram. She loves to give clues. She told us almost a year before Lemonade dropped that it was coming, but we didn’t pay attention to the lemons she posted to IG. She told us on New year that she was having twins when she held up two fingers and showed a slight bump, but we thought she was just throwing up the peace sign and just got done eating lol. So we are paying attention now to the baby blue bottoms she had on. She’s having a girl and a boy. I’m happy Jay will be getting a son and another adorable daughter.

  2. This is to be expected. He loves to run his mouth but what can you do besides not telling him anything you’re not ready for the public to know.

  3. I already put two and two together but sheesh he just can’t keep a secret. I know it’s annoying as hell for Bey and Solo.

  4. I’m starting to think he runs his mouth so it will seem like he’s still in the circle. I think Beyonce and Solange still have a relationship with him but they aren’t as close as they used to be. If he would just put his ego to the side and stop talking so much, just maybe he could be close with them again.

  5. It’s to be expected at this point. That’s why people love to interview him. They know he is going to tell secrets.

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