Chaka Khan Denies Shading Beyonce

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day a video featuring Chaka Khan went viral and it had folks thinking the R&B legend is not a fan of Beyonce in the least bit.

In fact, when an interviewer told Chaka that she looked flawless “like Beyonce’s song,” she rolled her eyes and appeared to mumble something inaudible, leaving room for people to speculate.

Some blogs reported that Chaka mouthed “that b*tch” after rolling her eyes, but we honestly weren’t able to come to that conclusion when we watched the video. But check it out for yourself:

Now some seem to think Chaka was reacting to Beyonce’s name being brought up, but we think the legend mouthed “child please” and she was actually responding to the interviewer telling her she looked “flawless.”

Either way, Chaka took to Twitter and slammed folks for trying to make it appear that she has issues with Beyonce:

chaka khan twitter


  1. It’s really sad that miserable and hateful people want so badly for Chaka to be just as hateful and bitter as they are. But she’s not because she’s got more class than that.

  2. I don’t even know why this blew up the way it did. Oh wait, it’s involving Beyonce and people need to feel like people hate her to make them feel better about themselves.

  3. The people who ran with this should have done some research on Chaka. She is the kind of woman who always wants other women to do well and reaches out to numerous other singers in love. She’s cool with everyone. She would not “shade” any other female artist. That’s just not her thing.

  4. Oh please. Chaka is a legend and a true queen so she wouldn’t be nasty to Beyonce. Only insecure people need to try to put Beyonce down and Chaka ain’t insecure!

  5. Haters seethe once again! And yes, Chaka respects Beyonce! She’s said so on numerous occasions! Get over it.

  6. Yeah I figured Chaka had more class than that. If anything it looks like she was trying to coy/humble when the interviewer said she looked flawless. I heart Chaka.

  7. I know a lot of people are salty now. You know they need to feel like everyone hates Beyonce just because they do. But the truth is most people like her. That’s why she’s so successful. You can’t be that successful if most people hate you. #shrugs

  8. Whoever did the interview is messy as hell! Chaka didn’t call Bey a b-tch. They are just trying to get some page views to their YouTube channel. Smh.

  9. Only an idiot couldn’t see Chaka was referring to the interviewer calling her flawless. And she said child please. My goodness people can be so stupid when they have so much hate in their heart.

  10. I just see a humble woman who doesn’t know how to take a compliment being silly. There was no malice in this video at all and that is not Chaka’s style anyway.

  11. She didn’t shade Beyonce but even if she did, what would that change? Beyonce is still a legend in her own right and she’s having an impeccable career. “Shade” doesn’t hurt a successful person’s success. It’s just what the non successful people resort to in a means to cope with their own failures/insecurities.

    1. And might I add Chaka is a legend already so she doesn’t have to shade Beyonce which is why she didn’t. When your resume speaks for itself, you don’t have to “shade” anyone.

  12. She clearly did not say b-tch or nothing like that Chaka been in the game long enough that even if she don’t care for bey she wouldn’t say that in public

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