Fan Throws Wig at Beyonce During Concert, Watch Her Hilarious Response

Photo Credit: Beyonce Tumblr/Robin Harper
Photo Credit: Beyonce Tumblr/Robin Harper

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce has proven over and over again that her stage presence is so strong that she can make any unexpected blooper look minor. We’ve seen Beyonce sing through a man slapping her booty, her hair getting caught in the stage fan and even an overzealous fan actually pulling her off the stage to hug her.

But now the BeyHive has taken it a step further and wanted to show their fave in real-time that she snatches their wigs with each performance she gives.

While singing her new track “XO,” the singer walked through the crowd and one of her fans actually took off their wig and threw it at her.

Beyonce then says:

“You got me snatchin’ wigs, snatchin’ wigs!”



Check out the hilarious video below:


  1. For a second she looked at the wig like what the phuck? LOL. But as usual, she had a great comeback. I love Bey.

  2. I swear Beyonce has some of the most animated and loyal fans. Only the Hive would think to do something like this.

  3. Hey, Bey makes me want to snatch off my own wig and throw it at the screen when I see her perform. So I totally get it. 🙂

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