Marlo Hampton Apologizes to NeNe Leakes

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Marlo Hampton isn’t letting her fallout with NeNe Leakes keep her down, and in her recent blog, she now wants to move past clowning NeNe’s hair and fashion choices.

In fact, Marlo even apologized to Leakes and the rest of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars for the role she played in all of the drama.

But she did want to make it clear that she only felt the need to stand up for herself:

I realize how we women sometimes tear each other apart in anger when in truth we’re really just feeling hurt or betrayed. But that’s not the woman I want to be.

I don’t want to be a Diva who seeks to destroy another with words or “reads,” while the crowds cheer on our bloodsport ratchetness. No one wins, except the ratings of course! Believe me, I’m not mad about that, (no ratings, no show!) I just think we have more to offer. Don’t you agree?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not backing down, giving up or punking out. Trust and believe, I will NOT be Bullied at anytime by anyone!



Now realizing that her friendship with NeNe is officially done, she still offers an apology for her actions:

Whether I want to be or not, I am a role model to my glam it up girls, nieces, goddaughters and other young women who are watching and imitating my behavior. I need to do better. I can’t promise you I’ll turn the other cheek if I’m slapped, (don’t suggest anyone try me, I’m not there yet) but be patient ya’ll, God is still working on me!

So… I apologize for my part in this shameful drama that reinforces stereotypes about who we are as black women. And pray that one day we’ll realize nobody wins when even one of us loses.

To all the RHOA/Bridesmaids I have offended: Phaedra, Kandi, Kim, Sheree, Diana, Pat and NeNe, I apologize. We may never be friends or see eye to eye on anything, (and I’m cool with that!) however, I don’t need to tear you down to build myself up. I know who I am – The Diva, Marlo Patrice Hampton and I am the spotlight, but so are you. Let’s all bask in it. God made sure there would be enough shine for all of us.


  1. Girl bye the damage has been done. She is trying to save face but she has already hitched her wagon to team Kenya so go down with her.

  2. No need to apologize, Marlo chose her side and it’s done. I’m pretty sure NeNe is going to keep hustling and keep those checks coming in so there’s no need to keep talking about this.

  3. Marlo is trying her hardest to convince Bravo that’s she not a hoodbooger anymore but she acted classless on that last episode. She should have thought about that before she showed her behind once again.

  4. This reads like damage control. I think Marlo is trying to make sure she becomes a housewife. I just don’t think Bravo will ever agree to that though.

  5. LOL she ain’t write this. Her publicist is trying to clean up so she can stop being a sidekick and hold a peach next season.

  6. I see what she’s doing here. But I honestly don’t have any interest in her becoming a housewife. Sorry, I’d rather have Sheree back before Marlo comes on full time.

  7. Marlo is trying to play chess, but I can see right through her and Kenya. They can try all season long, but Nene ain’t going nowhere. And Marlo won’t ever get on. It is what it is.

  8. She’s still talking about this? This whole situation happened months ago. Stop attention whoring Marlo. Get you some real business so you won’t have to keep riding NeNe’s coattails.

  9. I think she said what everyone else won’t say yeh you gotta kiss nene’s a$$ to be her friend and I feel the only apology she really owes is clowning in front of Brent but if she is cool with Kenya then it is what it is

  10. U may wear expensive designer clothes, for appearances…But ur inner beauty counts….UGLY THUG!

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