Watch: Draya & Sundy Carter Get in Screaming Match at Pre-Oscars Party

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The drama between the “Basketball Wives LA” cast continues.

Draya has already expressed that she ponders walking away from the reality show (her man Orlando Scandrick has also urged her to quit), but she’s not quite ready to leave until she can properly secure her on spinoff show.

But in the meantime, Draya has been beefing with most of her co-stars, but she’s about tired of Sundy Carter taking jabs at her in interviews.

In fact, Draya actually confronted Sundy at a Pre-Oscars party on Thursday.

Hip Hollywood reports:

During Uptown Magazine’s pre-Oscar soiree in Los Angeles, the reality stars got into a heated argument about a number of ongoing issues surrounding the VH1 reality show. In the video, you see the two getting extremely animated while co-star Malaysia Pargo stands close by. While it’s difficult to make out what the women are saying, you can hear Draya yell to Sundy, “You came to my job!”

A source tells us that during the argument, Draya confronted Sundy about disrespecting her during press interviews. HipHollywood caught up with Sundy recently and in fact, the reality star did tell us on camera that when it comes to her co-star, she is a “ho” that can not be “turned into a housewife.”



Check out the video below:


    1. Right! That’s the only thing they seem to say is how much of a hoe she is but none of them have clean reputations either!

    2. These women are crazy and they need to get a life. Leave Draya alone. Especially Sundy. It is so ridiculous to keep calling her out.

  1. Now why the hell was Karrueche there posing like she’s a celebrity? That party must have been ratchet. LMBO.

  2. How did they get an invite to an Oscars party though? That’s what I’m really trying to figure out.

  3. Draya may have been a stripper/hoe back in the day but she’s really came a long way! She’s doing better than all these bum chicks on the show!

  4. I think Sundy needs to focus on her daughter. She’s way too concerned with Draya’s life and she really shouldn’t be.

  5. Draya just needs to understand that they have to talk about her because they wouldn’t get interviews if they didn’t.

  6. Sundy is a sad excuse of a rat, she’s got one child by someone’s husband and another one that’s on the internet sucking d!ck! All of the cast are a joke and a poor model for their children to follow. Especially Jackie’s antique a-s.

  7. I’m wondering why Sundy keeps goin’ after Draya – she’s always talking about Draya & Draya’s business – why??? Is she jealous of Draya?? And Jackie Christie is such a BIG INSTIGATOR.

  8. Omg Sundy why are you Jackie’s minion? Like real talk get out of her a-s boo, girl walking around with sh-t stains on your mug ain’t cute. Also your too old too be the hater you are. Your messy, tacky, low budget, classless, hot f-cking mess. Child id prey for you but this hot mess you are is something you grown to become, but i can wish you a get well soon HATER

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