Is Paula Patton & Robin Thicke’s Separation Just a Publicity Stunt?

Photo Credit: Instagram/Lac Magazine
Photo Credit: Instagram/Lac Magazine

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last week it was confirmed that Paula Patton and Robin Thicke were separating. However, Robin has been public about his determination to change his wife’s mind about divorcing, and he’s even been singing about her and apologizing for his mistakes in his recent performances.

Then of course it was also reported that Paula may have had a change of heart because she’s now open to giving Robin time to convince her against leaving him and she’s hasn’t even hired a divorce attorney.

But now whispers in the industry are suggesting that many are starting to think the whole thing is nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Why? Well for one thing, most celebrity couples don’t release joint statements confirming a separation without already having hired divorce attorneys and Robin’s been pretty open in the past about Paula being cool with him getting sexual with other women.

Famed celebrity gossip insider Nik Richie writes via TabRag:

I don’t know what to believe with this Robin Thicke guy. Why put out a joint statement and then be an Indian-giver? Now Robin Thicke is doing whatever it takes – publicly – to win his wife Paula Patton’s heart back. Let’s see if a few love songs erase all the Instagram a*s-grabbing he’s done.

Robin, you love to bang randoms. How about going to Sex Rehab, instead of sending flowers…or just be honest about the publicity stunt to help failing concert ticket sales. Talk about Growing Pains.


  1. It’s definitely a publicity stunt. Paula has been ok with Robin’s whoring ways forever. And now all of a sudden it’s a problem? I’m not buying it.

  2. Yeah a lot of people seem to think this is nothing but a stunt. I sure hope not though because that would be very low down of them.

  3. Better not be! If so I’m losing respect for the both of them! You don’t play around like that!

  4. If they do get back together, I’m inclined to think this was just a stunt and an attempt to clean up his image. I mean he was getting lots of backlash for being a male tramp.

  5. You never know. Either way, I do hope Robin starts to treat his wife with respect. His public disinterest in his marriage has been hard to watch.

  6. I hope they aren’t lying for attention. A marriage is nothing to play around with. Anyway, I still wish them the best. They have been together for so long.

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