Nick Gordon Gets Beat up by Whitney Houston’s Nephew

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nick Gordon, the rumored husband to Bobbi Kristina, has been on Twitter for the last couple of days slamming the Houston family and even suggesting he got into a physical altercation with the late singer’s nephew.

But now it appears the details of the violent showdown have been revealed and TMZ is reporting that Nick actually got beat up by Whitney’s nephew after he made some not so friendly remarks about the family:

We’re told Whitney’s nephew, Gary Michael Houston, went nuclear on Bobbi Kristina’s husband, Nick Gordon … allegedly SLAMMING him to the floor and pummeling his face — accusing him of talking crap about the family.

Family sources tell us … it all went down at a Sweet 16 party for Whitney’s niece, Rayah. We’re told it was a formal affair — everyone in tuxes and long gowns — but Nick showed up in a hoodie and knit cap and “lookin’ like a thug.”

Gary felt Gordon had insulted the family one too many times … as soon as the party was over, he delivered the beat down. We’re told it was a lopsided fight — Nick didn’t even get in a single punch.



Interestingly enough, Bobby Brown told a TMZ paparazzi the other day that to his knowledge, Bobbi Kristina and Nick aren’t even married.


  1. It’s so sad to see this family so messed up and Bobbi Kris heading down the same path that took her mother out.

  2. Well he has disrespected their family so he had this a-s kicking coming. Whitney is rolling over in her grave smh.

  3. He honestly needs to stop bad mouthing Whitney’s family because he hates when they do the same thing to him.

  4. Isn’t Bobbi getting ready to get some of that trust fund money? Nick will help her blow through that in no time!

  5. Nick can’t really talk because he and Bobbi spends most of their time high. They aren’t any better than Whitney’s family. All of them are messy.

    1. I think they are. But Bobby wouldn’t really know because they aren’t close like that. She doesn’t really tell him much.

  6. Nick is just as screwed up as the rest of Whitney’s family. Maybe that’s the problem…too many toxic people getting together and not handling their issues in an adult manner.

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