Adorable: New Photo of Blue Ivy Released

Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr/Robin Harper
Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr/Robin Harper

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce is staying busy on the second leg of her very successful Mrs. Carter World Tour, and the singer isn’t letting her obligations interfere with spending time with her daughter Blue Ivy.

In fact, Beyonce has said on numerous occasions that the best part of touring is being able to perform for her fans and bringing her daughter along, and there’s numerous photos of Blue Ivy kicking it backstage while her mother continues to work hard to put on an amazing show.

But Bey’s fans are just excited to see a new glimpse of Blue, and the adorable photo has been making its rounds on social media since yesterday.

Check out the new photo of Blue below:

new picture of blue ivy


  1. I think she’s the perfect blend of both parents. When she frowns she looks like Jay, but when she smiles she looks like Beyonce. Too cute.

  2. She’s cute but she LOOKS more like her SURROGATE MOTHER and JAYZ you know Bey did not have Blu to go thur the trouble to shut the ward down when she wave at the camera walking into the hospital and went under a different name same name as the Surrogate. It’s nothing wrong with help. On 2 different sites Bey holding Blu and the baby is BALD but on another site Blu got a head full of Hair! Now what’s that all about. Some artist can keep their business out of the media when you pay Millions. Anyway she is a cute child but Bey COMB the baby Hair. Blu do have nice hair like the SM….con’t later!

    1. Umm…what exactly does the surrogate mother look like because I’ve never seen her but then again i dont really care enough to try to look up the “alleged” surrogate either…and what does any of majority of ur comment have to do with this cute picture of Blue? The Beyonce pregnancy “scandal” is over and has been for a while now, let it go and move on!

      1. It was not a scandal and yes it’s over and I did comment on baby blu but if u had seen ms j you would see her in her that’s all I’m saying. But Bey still need to Comb the baby hair put some bows or something in her hair. And some site still mention her Fake pregnancy today and that’s social media doing?but I say again if this baby was not Bey she would be label ‘she cute but not pretty’. Pls don’t be mad because I made my comment. Con’t Later…..

    2. Awww. Did the Internet tell you all that? You’re so gullible. That’s the problem with idiots like you. You believe anything and everything except for the actual source.

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