Sundy Carter’s Criminal Past Exposed

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We’re starting to think BBWLA stars who keep trying to call Draya out for her past are getting a very bad dose of karma.

Not too long after Brittish Williams’ shady business and tax issues were put on blast, it now appears that Sundy Carter is also learning that her past can’t be hidden either.

Blogger Rhymes with Snitch did some digging and found out that Sundy has a criminal past and she was allegedly arrested on multiple occasions for shoplifting.

Snitch writes:

We just got our hands on Sundy’s rap sheet and its a mile long! Seems our girl Sundy is a bit of a kleptomaniac with several convictions for shoplifting and receiving stolen property under her belt.

sundy carter exposed

sundy carter exposed 2


  1. This is why you don’t throw someone else’s past in their face. It only wants to make people dig up yours.

  2. This isn’t surprising everybody on bbwives have criminal or shady past including Draya. All these women have skeletons in the closet.

  3. I am not shocked at all. I just wish they would stop trying to act like any of them are better than the other. That in itself is laughable to me.

  4. Add this to the fact that she tweeted a photo of her own daughter giving head, this woman is in no position to say anything about anyone, not even Draya.

  5. And she ain’t no nun either while she’s calling Draya a stripper and a hoe. She needs to hope and pray someone from her past doesn’t start talking.

    1. Somebody already did. Back on July 1, 2014. Look it up on Youtube
      It was filed under “Sundy Carter gets Ethered & Exposed”. LOL

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